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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rand Paul: Arming Syrian Rebels Will Empower ISIS

Ran Paul:
'Obama has been arming ISIS'

(Editor  -  Bullshit and lies.  For years the U.S. and our allies have been illegally arming the Islamist Syrian rebels to overthrow the Syrian government.  Now Obama claims he wants to arm the Islamist Syrian rebels to help the Syrian government fight other Islamist Syrian rebels. 

And the American Sheeple bleat "Baaa, take us to war Obaaamaaa.)

One of the only sane voices chiming in on the announcement that The Pentagon will train 5,000 Syrian rebels per year as part of Obama’s new campaign to battle Islamic State militants, is that of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who doubled down on his assertion that arming rebels is akin to placing weapons into the hands of ISIS.

“It’s a mistake to arm them. Most of the arms we’ve given to the so-called moderate rebels have wound up in the hands of ISIS, because ISIS simply takes it from them, or it’s given to them, or we mistakenly actually give it to some of the radicals,” Paul said on CBS’s “This Morning.”

While advocating a forceful response to the ISIS threat, Senator Rand Paul called out the President, saying that his support for Islamic rebels over the last three years has led directly to the rise of the radical terror group.

Appearing on Fox News, Paul said “I think that President Obama’s support for the Islamic rebels as has allowed ISIS to grow stronger in Syria.”

“They never would have grown this strong without … their allies getting weapons from both us, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, so really, we have done a disservice and created chaos that has allowed the jihadists to grow stronger.” Paul added in Prison Planet.

It is common knowledge that the US has for three years now funded and supported rebels in Libya and Syria. Indeed, the same extremists who overthrew Gaddafi in Libya were reportedly airlifted into Syria by NATO forces. The same extremists who Killed US and NATO Troops in Iraq were supported all the way by the US and its allies in Libya and Syria.

ISIS terrorists had already infiltrated those groups and the US government knew it from their own intelligence and from independent intelligence. Like a cancer, the group grew and eventually consumed the so called rebels fighting against the Syrian government.

Senator Paul argued in a wider context that US intervention has allowed for such extremist groups to flourish.

“Intervention isn’t always the answer,” Paul said, noting that he has now had to defend himself against claims that he is both an isolationist and an interventionist.

“I’m someone that believes in the Constitution and believes that America should have a strong national defense and believes that we should defend ourselves, but when we do it, we should do it the way the Constitution intended,” the Senator urged.

“If I had been president, I would have called a joint session of Congress this August, brought everybody back from recess and said ‘this is why ISIS is a threat to the country. This is why I want to act, but I want to do it in a constitutional manner.’” Paul added.

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