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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CIA trained Islamists cross from Jordan into Syria

Obama Invades Syria
Comrade Obama's unconstitutional war against Syria.

According to French newspaper La Figaro guerrilla fighters from the Free Syrian Army have been released across the Syrian border from Jordan and are headed toward Damascus.

These fighters, according to reports have been trained by U.S. military, CIA operatives and Jordanian and Israeli commandos. A first wave of about 300 fighters were released into Syria on August 17 and a second wave on August 19, according to the paper reports Ben Swann.
As for the question:  about 2 months ago I asked, “Why are 300 marines now stationed along the Syrian border with Jordan?”  At the time, the Obama administration claimed that those Marines were only there as part of a training exercise.  President Obama himself acknowledged the troops in Jordan saying,
“This detachment that participated in the exercise and remained in Jordan includes Patriot missile systems, fighter aircraft, and related support, command, control, and communications personnel and systems,” Obama said.

Today, not only is it clear that these were not training exercises being conducted but that, as we suspected, the U.S. is providing more than just the “non lethal assistance” the administration has claimed.
Why is this important?  Because, as we explain in this video the U.S. is pouring money, assistance and training into the FSA.  However, if the Assad regime falls, it will not be the FSA that is in position to take over the country but instead it will be al Nusra Front, the Syrian wing of al Qaeda in Iraq.

Fighter A's brigade comrades manning a defensive position in Daraa.

CIA-Free Syrian Army Training Camp

(Vice News)  -  “I do not want to mention my name,” said a 20-year-old Free Syrian Army fighter, “because the camp we practiced in was highly classified.”

So classified, in fact, that the CIA—which is rumored to be running the camp (but declined to comment for this article)—still won’t acknowledge it exists.

For nearly a year, rumors have swirled about a covert, US-run training camp for FSA fighters in the vast Jordanian desert. (Jordanian intelligence also did not respond to requests for comment on this article.) And last week it was reported that the Obama administration appears to be expanding "its covert program of training and assistance for the Syrian opposition." However, despite all this speculation, little is known about how this supposed Jordanian camp works, who trains there, and what tactics they learn.

I recently tracked down a fighter who said he'd completed the course and was willing to talk.

"Mortar cannons and anti-tank missiles like the Red Arrow SPG-9
were new to me,” said the CIA trained Arab.

"Fighter A" is from Daraa, just a stone’s throw from the Jordanian border in southern Syria. He was in high school when the revolution twisted into civil war, and his plans to study law were set aside for a Kalashnikov; he joined the FSA at just 18 years old.

One day last May, when Fighter A was 19, he was taken aside and given some good news. “I was selected by the brigade commander to go to training camp,” he said. “I was told we would be trained on heavy weapons and anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles.” But he didn’t know exactly what to expect. “I had heard of military camps taking place, but I didn’t know where and when.”

The next morning, Fighter A and 39 other young men like him headed south into Jordan, their journey jointly choreographed by Daraa’s FSA military council and, allegedly, Jordanian intelligence. Mobile phones were confiscated, to be returned at the end of camp. No questions were asked. These men were going off the grid.

When the group finally arrived at a high-security military facility deep in the Jordanian desert, Fighter A found the last thing he expected: Americans.

“I was surprised when I saw foreign trainers,” he said. “The Americans who taught us wore military uniforms I did not recognize. We called them by their first names, and they spoke English to us.”

Weapons instruction was at the heart of the program. Recruits were trained on Kalashnikovs, light machine guns, cannon mortars, anti-tank mines, and Red Arrow SPG-9 unguided anti-tank missiles. This teaching beefed up Fighter A’s light- and medium-arms skills and introduced him to heavy weapons he hadn’t previously used. “Before the camp I used a Kalashnikov and light machine guns, and at the camp I was trained to shoot faster and more accurately. Mortar cannons and anti-tank missiles like the Red Arrow SPG-9 were new to me.”

Fighter A and his fellow recruits were each given $500 and sent back to Syria.

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"Thank you CIA for these shiny new guns."

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