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Saturday, September 27, 2014

UK MPs vote for ISIS airstrikes - US Congress on vacation till January

Bullshit Alert!
  • The British Parliament votes to bomb the very Islamists that they armed.  If you find that fucking insane then welcome to my world.
  • Meanwhile back in the USA, the Senate is silent and the spineless and ball-less GOP House announced they will delay any debate on war until January, 2015.

MPs have voted to back Britain joining US-led airstrikes on Islamic State in Iraq in a vote on Friday. Attacks could begin within days, as ministers admit that UK military intervention could last two or three years.

MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of strikes against Islamic State (also known asISIS, or ISIL), with 524 voting for and 43 voting against.

Britain’s three biggest parties, coalition government partners the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, plus the opposition Labour party, all officially backed the bombing campaign. The government insisted the intervention was legal under international law because it was requested by the Iraqi prime minister reports RT News.

The motion did not propose any UK involvement in airstrikes in Syria, where a US-Arab coalition began bombing IS militants on Tuesday. A year ago, British MPs rejected airstrikes on Syria to oppose the government of President Bashar Assad.

In a sign of nervousness over possible Islamic State retaliation against the UK, London Mayor Boris Johnson has urged the city's residents to remain “vigilant” on public transport.

Cameron told MPs early in Friday's debate the situation in Syria is “more complicated” than Iraq because of its "brutal dictator" President Assad and the civil war that has been ongoing there for the past three years.


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