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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Obama arms ISIS to block Iranian pipeline

Follow the Money Trail
  • As if by "magic" the new state of ISIS (armed by the U.S.) sits right on top of the area where a proposed $10 billion gas pipeline was to have been built connecting Iran, Iraq and Syria.

By Gary;

Follow the money trail for the answer to 90% of news stories.

Just ask yourself why the CIA and oil producing states like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States were arming Syrian Islamists?

Sure there are factors like tribalism and religion.  But in my experience money trumps all.

I went back in THE FEDERALIST Blog archives to an July, 2013 Wall Street Journal article that may hold the answers.

The oil ministers of Iraq, Iran and Syria in July, 2013 signed a preliminary agreement for a $10 billion natural-gas-pipeline deal. The pipeline would have run from Iran through northern Iraq to the coast of Syria.

Naturally the other gas and oil producing nations in the region would not like for this pipeline to be built.  And the oil producing United States would also rather not see any competition or for Iran to make any money in trade with neighbors.

At this point ISIS is "magically" born, funded and armed by the CIA and our allies.  The newly armed ISIS army saunters without fear of any attack through the wide open deserts into Iraq.  The lands ISIS have conquered just happen to sit right on top of the pipeline route.  Also, our Dear Leader Obama has said that this war on ISIS could drag out for years and years. 

Translation: the Iranian gas pipeline will be blocked for a long time.

The oil states of Saudi Arabia and the UAE are happy with this result.  I say follow the money.

The 2013 proposed gas pipeline linking
Iran, Iraq and Syria.
See our 2013 article:
Is the Syrian war really about control oil and gas?

It's "Magic"
The CIA and our Arab allies (other oil producing nations) pumped mountains of cash and weapons into Syria to arm rebels.  Magically those rebels are now in control of the exact area where a huge 2013 proposed gas pipeline was to have run from Iran to the coast.
But only a "crazy" Blogger like me would believe these events are connected. 

"We are all puppets, Laurie. I'm just the
puppet who can see the strings."
Dr. Jon Osterman

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