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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jihadists flag goes to auction at Sydney mosque

Hate for Sale
"Step right up and bid.  This holy flag may have
been dipped in the blood of infidels."

(Daily Telegraph, Australia)  -  Premier Mike Baird said the Islamic State flag could be banned across NSW.

His stance follows footage of one of the flags, which is linked to the barbaric terrorist organisation, being auctioned in front of families and young children in Sydney.

“That is something we will consider and work with community groups about but we can’t have the position where you are seeing any activity that is promoting terrorism, supporting terrorism,” Mr Baird said today.

“There is no way in this state that we are going to support that."

“It is a flag that is used by ISIS, and ultimately that is something we have to respond to and we have to have a zero-tolerance approach,” he said.

The flag, used by the terrorists responsible for thousands of murders across Iraq and Syria, including the execution of two Western journalists, was auctioned at a Liverpool mosque.

Disturbing footage of the sale is being shared among Australian teenagers, some of whom appear to have been radicalised by the extreme violence associated with the outlawed Islamic State, and its black and white flag featuring the Shahada.

One 15-year-old Muslim boy who posted footage of the auction to his Instagram account has since posted pictures with the black flag of jihad.

In a chilling reflection of the IS campaign in Syria, another image of himself in a headscarf has a caption directed at Syria’s president: “going to kill Bashar al Assad now”.

Repeated attempts to contact the mosque for comment by phone and email went unanswered.

Welcome to Australia
And the importation of Muslims goes on and on.

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