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Sunday, September 7, 2014

3,000 Westerners have joined ISIS - Turkey helps ISIS sell oil

They Are Targeting You

(Business Insider)  -  Increasing attention is being paid to the radicalization of Muslims from the West who are joining the conflict in Iraq and Syria.

U.S. and European security services estimate that more than 1,000 of jihadist militants fighting in Iraq and Syria were drawn to the conflict from Western nations with some estimates putting the number as high as 3,000.

Business Insider compiled the graph below, which illustrates best estimates of where just some of those Western fighters originate.

Business Insider sought to use only official statements and credible reports in compiling the estimates.

The chart shows 700 recruits from France, 400 from the U.K., 320 from Germany, 250 from Belgium, 200 from Australia, 130 from the Netherlands, 100 from Canada, 100 from the U.S., and 51 from Spain.

The figures demonstrate alarming numbers from the U.K. and France in particular. In both countries, the integration of immigrant communities — and Islamic communities in particular— remains a hot-button political issue.

Per capita, Belgium is the biggest source of western ISIS recruits.

Given the chaotic nature of the fighting, people who have left their home countries to join the conflict are hard to track. Further, there are multiple militant groups on the ground in Iraq and Syria that could attract Western fighters. 
But from the studies Business Insider analyzed, it appears the majority of those who join the conflict end up fighting for ISIS. Some experts, such as professor Peter Neumann of King's College London, estimate the number could be as high as 80%

ISIS has been targeting Western recruits with social-media campaigns, slickly produced videos, and English-language publications.

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Turkey helps ISIS to profit from seized oil
Tiny bit by bit news leaks out about U.S.
"allies" helping ISIS in their war.

Secret video of ISIS smuggled out of Iraq


al-Qaeda is too warm and fuzzy for these guys.

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