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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hispanic Democrat Mayor switches to Republican

A Switch to the GOP
  • Hispanic Democrat, small-town Mayor switches to Republican, runs for New Mexico State House, with the support of Gov. Martinez this time

Hatch, NM: Home to America's hottest Chile Peppers... Garantizado hombre!

From Eric Dondero: 
The Libertarian Republican.net

It's an interesting political tale. The Mayor of Hatch was a Democrat State Rep. who switched to Independent, ran, and then lost his reelection battle to a Democrat. And in that race, the Republicans, hoping to pick up the seat in all the confusion, slammed the Independent with attack ads and campaign mailers. Now, the Independent is running as a Republican in 2014, against his former Democrat opponent.

Mayor Andy Nuñez

Got all that? 

More from sfreporter.com, "Republicans say vulnerable state seats could give them majority":

Former Rep. Andy Nuñez tells SFR that Gov. Martinez is helping him in his bid to retake his Doña Ana County seat from Democrat Phil Archuleta, who ousted Nuñez in a three-way race during the 2012 elections where Nuñez ran as an Independent. 
Nuñez, the mayor of Hatch and a former Democrat, is now running for the southern seat as a Republican. And with the latest party switch, the governor is backing his run. 
“She’s not against me now like she was last time,” he says. “She’s got people walking and knocking on doors for me.”
Note - this is Susana Martinez's home county (Las Cruces, just 40 miles west of El Paso, TX), where she served as County Attorney for over a decade, before being elected Governor. 

Republicans are just 4 down from taking the NM House of Representatives in November. NM political observers suggest they have a good shot. This Las Cruces seat is critical to the take-over.

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez
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