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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Conservatives targeted - Romney-McCain backer wants to abolish Oregon's GOP primary

GOP "Moderates" Target Conservatives

By Gary;

Establishment Republicans have latched on to a new scheme to crush the power of Conservative voters in GOP primaries. 

It is called the "top two" primary where moderate to liberal independents and Democrats are allowed to select the November GOP nominee.  All the candidates are thrown on to one ballot and the top two candidates, regardless of party, move on to the November election.

"Moderate" GOP California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, backed by his tax increasing traitor GOP allies in the legislature, pushed through this travesty with the eager help of Democrats.  Not one single public hearing was held by the legislature before this "reform" was passed. 

A side "benefit" of the top two is the effective ban of all independent candidates and small opposition parties from all future general election ballots.  Both the Democrats and the GOP were happy to remove opposition from the left or right from the November ballot.

As a "bonus" your write-in vote was declared illegal and will not be counted by the corrupt two party elites.

The top two system is primarily designed to weaken Conservative voters.  In the 2014 California primary it worked like a charm allowing Obama supporter Neel Kashkari to be the Republican nominee for Governor in November.

The GOP has also pushed this in Montana:  GOP tries to rig Montana elections and in Ohio:  Ohio GOP tries to rig the 2014 elections.

Now Coming to Oregon

As if by "magic" wealthy GOP donors are shoveling in campaign cash to abolish the Republican primary in the state of Oregon.

One of the major supporters of the top two in Oregon just happens to have contributed big bucks to GOP moderates John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Naturally adopting the top two in Oregon means all small opposition parties would effectively be banned from the November ballot massive reducing voter choices.  The Oregon initiative appears to ban write-ins in the general election, although this is not certain, because the measure is vague.

The press in Oregon persists in referring to this as an “open primary”. However, “open primary” has been defined for over 100 years as a system in which each party has its own primary ballot and its own nominees, but there is no registration by party and any voter can choose any party’s primary ballot reports Ballot Access News.

A front group called "Every Oregon Voter Counts" reports receiving an additional $43,600 in recent days. Romney-McCain backer John von Schlegell, a managing director at Endeavour Capital, gave $25,000. Investor John Sherman and William Smith Properties Inc. each gave $5,000. Remodeling firm Neil Kelly gave $2,500.

Targeting Conservatives
Conservatives are in the crosshairs of "moderate" Republicans as well
as Obama regime Marxists using the IRS against us.

The group has raised $163,600 in recent days in an attempt to gather 87,213 valid signatures by July 3. Initiative sponsors received approval May 15 to gather signatures after resolving legal challenges over the ballot title reports Oregon Live.

In an open primaries system, all candidates regardless of party affiliation appear on the primary ballot. The top two vote-getters advance to the November general election.

Partisan primary races in Oregon are currently open only to registered party members.

The campaign has spent $118,276, the vast majority of it on signature-gatherers.

John von Schlegell's contributions according to Campaign Money.com

$25,000 to Mitt Romney in 2012.
$10,000 to John McCain in 2008.

See Campaign Money.com and Campaign Money.com 2008

Thanks for the heads up to Ballot Access News

No Election Freedom in America
In every other democratic nation on earth a brand new "Tea Party" would have appeared on the ballot as its own political party and more than likely won seats in parliaments or congresses.  Every legislative body on earth is made up of multiple parties chosen in free elections.
But here in the U.S. the two corrupt parties centralized in and funded by Washington D.C. special interest money prevent anything that might look like a free election. 
For example, Reform Party Presidential candidate Ross Perot was banned by the Dems & the GOP from the 1996 debates.  The two "major" parties decided for you that you would not be allowed to see Perot on stage, listen to his ideas and then make up your own mind. 

Sample Election 
Vote for a United Kingdom seat in Parliament.  Many political
parties giving voters real choices on election day.
Maybe we should try freedom in the United States.

General Election 2010: Watford
ConservativeRichard Harrington19,29134.9+5.3
Liberal DemocratSal Brinton17,86632.4+1.1
LabourClaire Ward14,75026.7-6.8
BNPAndrew Emerson1,2172.2+2.2
UKIPGraham Eardley1,1992.2-0.4
GreenIan Brandon8851.6-1.4
Conservative gain from LabourSwing
BWatford (UK Parliament constituency)

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