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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Bi-Partisan Crushing of the Middle Class

The Dems & the GOP are stabbing Americans in the back

Worker had to train his H-1B replacement
  • U.S. workers protested job losses to foreign workers by displaying American flags in their cubicles.
  • Both corrupt parties in Congress are dropped their pants for insane Leftists and Corporations wanting to flood the country with countless millions of new workers and drive down wages.

(Editor  -  I can fully attest to this article.  My wife's company outside of Los Angeles fired all the American citizens on the third floor and shipped their jobs to the Philippines.  All of the American IT workers on the first floor were fired and "temp" workers from India were imported (at lower wages) to take their places.  My wife and her American citizen co-workers on the remaining second floor are counting the days until they are royally fucked over and sent packing.  Screw these mutherfuckers in Congress for gutting the American middle class.)

(Computerworld)  -  This is the story of an IT worker who was replaced by a worker on an H-1B visa, one of a number of visa holders, mostly from India, who took jobs at this U.S. company.

Computerworld is not going to use the worker's name or identify the companies involved to protect the former employee from retaliation. For purposes of this story, the worker has been given initials -- A.B. (They're not the person's real initials.)

At A.B.'s company, about 220 IT jobs have been lost to offshore outsourcing over the last year. A.B. is telling the story because, initially, there was little knowledge among fellow employees about H-1B visa holders and how they are used. They didn't know that offshore outsourcing firms are the largest users of H-1B visas, or exactly how this visa facilitates IT job losses in the U.S.

"I think once we learned about it, we became angrier toward the U.S. government than we were with the people that were over here from India," A.B. said, "because the government is allowing this."

The IT workers at this firm first learned of the offshore outsourcing threat through rumors. Later, the IT staff was called into an auditorium and heard directly from the CIO about the plan to replace them. It would take months for the transition to be completed, in part because of some new system installations.

Training the replacement workers involved holding morning-long WebEx meetings several times a week with offshore outsourcing staff based in India. The sessions were recorded as details about the environment, including diagrams and scripts, were shared.

As they moved closer to the termination date for the U.S. workers, the overseas employees would follow or shadow, via WebEx sessions, everything an IT worker did during the day. The outsourcing firm's onshore staff helped to coordinate these efforts, but also worked to untangle the meaning of some of the questions.

The overseas workers did not appear to have much practical experience, and the same questions were asked repeatedly, A.B. said.

Before they lost their jobs, A.B.'s co-workers decided to made a subtle and symbolic protest over what was happening: As the H-1B visa workers gradually took over the offices once occupied by U.S. workers, one employee brought in a bunch of small American flags on sticks.
The flags were retrofitted so they could fit into the walls of the cubicles.

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Endless Immigration - Screwing Workers
An insane GOP House bill a year ago would give 55,000 green cards a year to import doctoral and masters graduates into the US to take jobs from American citizens.

Idiot House Republicans worried about their poor showing among Hispanics in the U.S. presidential election are planning a vote next week on immigration legislation that would both expand visas for foreign science and technology students  The bill would also make it easier for those with green cards to bring their immediate families to the U.S.

Apparently the agony of tens of millions of unemployed American citizens in serious pain did not enter into the minds of the moron GOP leadership.
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