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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Border Patrol Buying Bus Tickets For Illegals

City Official Admits US Border Patrol Fronting Cash to Bus Illegals

(Prison Planet.com)  -  Border Patrol purchasing bus tickets, vouchers for illegal immigrants, while saddling border towns with housing burden.

A McAllen, Texas, city official has confirmed to Infowars rumors that the US Customs and Border Patrol agency is purchasing bus tickets and vouchers for illegal immigrants pouring through the border and then shipping them to other parts of the country, all at the taxpayer’s expense.

“As I understand it, they provide them a ticket and then they drop them off,” the City of McAllen Emergency Management Coordinator, Kevin Pagan, exclusively told Infowars regarding the Border Patrol’s role in exacerbating the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants emigrating from Central America.

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During the course of our investigation, Infowars reporters yesterday stumbled upon a giant tent set up behind the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in McAllen.

It was there we met with the city’s fire chief, emergency management coordinator and mayor pro tem, who were all preparing to welcome the immigrants, soon to be exiting the church, to a climate-controlled, military-style tent, complete with a latched door and external lavatory and shower facilities.

“Alls I know is that until today 99% of them that got off the Border Patrol bus at our bus station had a ticket,” the emergency coordinator for the South Texas city stated.

The official’s words add credence to a statement we received last week from an anonymous U.S. Border Patrol agent, who claimed,
In the RGV, we have been releasing aliens, through ICE, in Brownsville, Texas and McAllen, Texas. We have been ordered to go out of our way to bus them to those locations for release because they are cities of mostly Hispanic heritage, so fewer people will notice or care. We have been doing that for months before the stories broke in Phoenix, Arizona a couple of weeks ago.

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"If you want to stop illegal immigration, you have to make it so that the people that hire the illegal immigrants will not be in a position to hire them."
Governor of Minnesota

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