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Sunday, June 15, 2014

British Jihadists fighting in Iraq and Syria

(Lt-Rt) Mohammed El-Araj, an unamed Dutch soldier and a fellow Brition
who went under the name of Abu Hujama al-Britani. 
(UK Telegraph)

Immigration "Reform" in Action
But the professional Left calls you a racist if
you want to stop immigration.

Hundreds of British Muslims have travelled to Iraq to fight for the extreme jihadist group ISIS, terror experts have said. 
The Government believes more than 500 British citizens have left the UK and gone to join rebel fighters in Syria, with many of them feared to have crossed the border to join the uprising in Iraq.
The ruthless ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) extremists control large areas of land in Syria and are now turning their attention to Iraq and particularly Baghdad, having already taken the cities of Mosul and Tikrit reports the Daily Mail.
Meanwhile, British security experts are also looking at the possibility that home-grown extremists trained by the ultra-violent group may bring terror back to the UK. 

One terror expert told MailOnline today: 'There is a fairly high chance that someone will attempt it.'
More than 500 British Muslims are believed to have already travelled to Syria to fight against President Assad, and it is feared many more will join them.  Many of them are now feared to have crossed the barely-existent border into Iraq with the ultra-violent ISIS militia.

Brigade of exclusively British jihadists fighting in Syria

British women joining jihad in Syria
A husband-wife team with his and hers Kalashnikovs.

American Jihadi - Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki

This picture shows British fighter Ibrahim al-Mazwagi in battle with Omar Shishani, a Georgian Chechen who formerly led the Muhajireen Brigade, and is now ISIS’s military commander in Northern Syria.
(Vice News)

Kill an infidel for Allah

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