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Monday, June 9, 2014

Death Wish? GOP Adopts Gay Conversion "Therapy" in Party Platform

A Republican Death Wish
  • While Democrats are obsessed with Karl Marx, "small government" Republicans are obsessed with private sex acts.
  • Social "Conservatives" want to turn the GOP into a religious movement and drive out of the party Conservative Gays and others who have different opinions.  Live and let live is not high on their list.

Texas Republicans have adopted a party platform that includes support for voluntary psychological "therapy" targeted at converting homosexuals to heterosexuals.

Almost 10,000 attendees gathered in Fort Worth at the annual Texas GOP Convention to vote on a platform ahead of the 2016 race for the White House.
Supporters of "conversion" or "reparative" therapy believe the treatment is effective in turning gays straight. California and New Jersey have banned the treatment for minors reports CNN.
The Texas Republicans' measure states that "We recognize the legitimacy and efficacy of counseling, which offers reparative therapy and treatment for those patients seeking healing and wholeness from their homosexual lifestyle. No laws or executive orders shall be imposed to limit or restrict access to this type of therapy."
Spearheading the endorsement is Cathie Adams, president of the conservative Texas Eagle Forum. She stressed that the measure calls for allowing people to choose the treatment.

An array of professional organizations oppose gay conversion therapy. Such groups include the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association.


Gay Republicans Fight To Remove Language About 'Homosexuality' From Texas GOP Platform

(KERA News)  -  Gay Republicans say they’ll fight to eliminate demeaning language about “homosexuality” in the state GOP platform when the party brings its convention to Fort Worth on Thursday.

When the Metroplex Republicans signed up to sponsor a booth at the state GOP convention, there seemed to be no problem. Then party officials realized the group is mostly gay and associated with the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that represents gay conservatives. So state party officials sent the registration money back -- and blocked the group from opening a booth in the exhibit hall.

“They were billed on their website as being a local affiliate of a national group that advocates for gay marriage. The (Texas Republican Party) platform is for traditional marriage,” said Steve Munisteri, the Texas Republican Party chairman.

See site for Metroplex Republicans.com

State GOP Cites Platform In Denying Gays Exhibit Space

Munisteri explained the party’s policy is to deny convention space to groups that oppose major planks in the state party platform -- in this case, the party’s opposition to gay marriage.

Rudy Oeftering of Metroplex Republicans says sponsoring the booth would have given gay Republicans an opportunity to break down barriers with some members in their party.

“We may be the first openly gay person they’ve ever spoken to in their life," Oeftering said. "And once you put a face with a stereotype, the stereotype collapses. And that was our main purpose."

Gay Delegates Call On GOP To Be More Inclusive 

They want to convince party delegates to drop language from the state GOP platform that states:

“The practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society and contributes to the breakdown of the family. ... Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country's founders and shared by the majority of Texans.””

Oeftering says those works are offensive and untrue.

“I’ve known men who adopted their nephews from their crack-addicted sisters," Oeftering said. "How that breaks down the family is beyond my imagination."

While Munisteri defends the party’s support for traditional marriage, he says the platform’s language could be “more kind.”

“I think it could be worded better,” Munisteri said.

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