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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ohio GOP tries to rig the 2014 elections

The New Face of Fascism
The Ohio Republican Party adopts Fascism and tries to
keep smaller opposition parties off the ballot.

By Gary;

Neo-Fascist Bullshit like this from the GOP is the reason I now call myself an independent Constitutional Federalist instead of a Conservative Republican.

A corrupt Ohio Republican Party rammed through the GOP legislature the John Kasich Re-Election Protection Act which would disenfranchise every Ohio voter by taking away their right to vote for smaller opposition political parties on the November ballot.

See our original article:  GOP Fears Democracy May Break Out.

The newly passed GOP law comes as Ohio Republicans face growing competition from tea party supporters who say they may support a third-party challenger to Obamacare loving Republican Governor John Kasich. 

If you can't win on the issues then ban your opponents from the ballot.

The Courts Act to Protect Voters from the GOP

On January 7, U.S. District Court Judge Michael H. Watson ruled that due process requires that Ohio not implement its new ballot access barriers for minor parties for the 2014 election.

The Ohio GOP dropped
the elephant in favor
of the Fasces.

The 28-page opinion depends on the fact that the Ohio legislature did not pass the new requirements until November 2013, after various candidates of the minor parties had already been circulating petitions to place themselves on their own party’s primary ballot.

The case is Libertarian Party of Ohio v Husted, southern district, 2:13cv-953 reports Ballot Access News.

The decision also depends on the fact that the new law doesn’t take effect until February 2014. The Republican majority in the legislature wanted the new requirements to take effect immediately, but the bill would have needed 60% in each House of the legislature to take effect immediately, and because some Republican legislators voted against the bill, the bill did not pass with 60% in the State House.

The decision says, “The Ohio Legislature moved the proverbial goalpost in the midst of the game. Stripping the Plaintiffs of the opportunity to participate in the 2014 primary in these circumstances would be patently unfair.”

On January 10, Ohio filed a notice of appeal in Libertarian Party of Ohio v Husted. The state hopes the Sixth Circuit will reverse the U.S. District Court order of January 7, and remove the qualified minor parties reports Ballot Access News.

The only thing missing is a good old fashioned sieg heil right arm salute.

GOP Acts to Ban the Constitution Party
Every democratic nation on earth has all political parties and independent candidates on a single general election ballot so the voters have multiple real choices for their leaders.
But Ohio Republicans don't like the idea of free men and women having the right to vote for who they want.  So the GOP passed a law to rig the system and keep the Constitution, Libertarian and Green parties off the ballot. 

The GOP says:  "Keep those small parties off the ballot."

Ohio Attorney General election in Ohio, 2010
RepublicanMike DeWine1,821,41447.54%
DemocraticRichard Cordray (Incumbent)1,772,72846.26%
ConstitutionRobert Owens130,0653.39%
LibertarianMarc Allan Feldman107,5212.81%
Republican gain from Democratic


Ohio Governor's Race election in Ohio, 2010
RepublicanJohn Kasich - Mary Taylor1,849,84249.33%
DemocraticTed Strickland - Yvette McGee Brown1,752,79046.74%
LibertarianKen Matesz - Ann Leech89,4992.39%
GreenDennis Spisak - M. Anita Rios56,7971.51%
N/ADavid Sargent - Andrew C. Pfeifer (write-in)8640.02%
Republican gain from Democratic


"I support the GOP efforts in Ohio
to limit voter choices."
Fidel Castro

Does the GOP Believe in Anything?
Governor John Kasich and the entire Ohio Republican Party should get on their fucking knees and beg forgiveness from the voters for trying to rig elections in their favor.
Somehow I doubt that John Nicholas Hetrick (above) fought to create a country that prevented free elections.
The Republicans already banned opposition parties in California.  See for yourself what the GOP is now up to in Montana:  GOP looks to rig Montana's elections.

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