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Saturday, December 28, 2013

As Florida grows does it kill off the GOP?

Florida - What is there not to like?
Panama City Beach Spring Break revelers set a new Guinness World Record for
World's Largest Bikini Parade at 450 participants.

Florida Passes New York
The Sunshine State is growing but this is
not good news for the GOP.

For decades the Republican Party has cheered the population growth in the southern and western sun belt states and a shift of Congressional seats away from the more Democratic north.  That was fine in the short term, but now the GOP is hitting a wall of new Democrat voters.

Population shifts have turned Republican California into a Democrat People's Republic.  Now those shifts are hard at work on Florida.  The GOP will have to adapt or die.

New York, whose status as the most populous state has long been ceded, will soon fall behind Florida into fourth place

Census Bureau demographers expect that Florida and New York will be narrowly separated — perhaps by as little as a few thousand people — and that if Florida does not pass New York this time, it almost certainly will do so in 2014.

The census figures underscore immigration trends, as foreign-born migrants continue to move to warm-weather states such as California and Texas — No. 1 and 2, respectively — as well as to Florida reports the Times Union.

The newcomers also include winter-weary New Yorkers who move or retire to Florida at a rate of more than 50,000 a year, twice the number of Floridians who head to New York.

Florida Becomes Purple
In the 2010 nationwide Republican landslide the GOP almost lost the Florida Governorship (below).  Senator Marco Rubio's percentage of 48.9% was nearly identical to Scott's.  Add in that Bill Clinton carried Florida in 1996, Al Gore almost winning it in 2000 and Comrade Obama carried the state in both 2008 and 2012.
If the GOP cannot find a formula to break into states like Florida, Ohio or Pennsylvania then it will never again win a Presidential election and over time will lose seats in Congress.  Increasingly the U.S. will look more and more like the People's Republic of Venezuela.  Capitalism and freedom will vanish.
2010 General Election Results for Governor of Florida
RepublicanRick Scott & Jennifer Carroll2,619,33548.87%
DemocraticAlex Sink & Rod Smith2,557,78547.72%
IndependencePeter Allen & John E Zanni123,8312.31%
No partyMichael E. Arth & Al Krulick18,6440.35%
No partyFarid Khavari & Darcy G. Richardson7,4870.14%
No partyC. C. Reed & Larry Waldo, Sr.18,8420.35%
No partyDaniel Imperato & Karl C.C. Behm13,6900.26%
No partyJosue Larose & Valencia St Louis (write-in)1210.00%
Republican hold

Immigration to Florida
Some 847,550 Puerto Ricans have moved to Florida.  Plus Florida has seen
massive immigration from Caribbean and Latin American countries.

Hispanics in Selected States
9% - Georgia  /  23% - Florida  /  8% - Virginia

8% - North Carolina   /   30% - Arizona   /   27% - Nevada

38% - Texas   /   21% - Colorado   /   11% - Washington state

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