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Monday, December 23, 2013

150 Muslim clerics demand death penalty for Blasphemy

Death for using Freedom of Speech
The Religion of Peace and Love wants to kill you!

Life sentences for those critical of Islam or offensive to Islam is apparently too soft a punishment, according to these devout holy men. Islamic clerics are demanding death only, in accordance with the sharia.

Anyone telling you the "moderates" (or as I affectionately call them, the unicorns) are moving towards reform in Islam is either hardwired for denial or lying (taqiyya) to you in order to advance Islam reports Atlas Shrugs.

Reform or reinterpretation is a crime in Islam -- it is the crime of hypocrisy. Also punishable by death.
"Urdu Daily: 150 Barelvi Clerics Ask Pakistani Government To End Option Of Life Sentence For Acts Of Blasphemy, Retain Death Penalty As Only Punishment" MEMRI, December 22, 2013 
Sunni Tehreek, a Pakistani religious organization which follows the Barelvi school of Sunni Islam, has called for ending the possibility of life imprisonment in cases of blasphemy in Pakistani laws, meaning that only the death sentence would remain in effect. The following are excerpts from the report:
"150 clerics of the Sunni Tehreek Ulema Board have said that the punishment for blaspheming the prophet is only death sentence; awarding life sentence is against the sharia.

"The demand by the Federal Shariat Court to end the life sentence for committing blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad was endorsed, on an appeal from Sunni Tehreek chief Sarwat Ejaz Qadri, by the Sunni Tehreek Ulema Board's 150 clerics and muftis [who are qualified to issue fatwas or decrees]."

"[They] demanded that the government end the death sentence by amending the Pakistan Penal Code. Sarwat Ejaz Qadri expressed concern that this issue has been kept in abeyance for 23 years. [The government] must explain the reason for not ending this sentence [of life in the cases of blasphemy acts] since the '90s when the Federal Shariat Court demanded it. Foreign dictation in the matters of Islamic law will not be accepted."
No wonder they are mad all the time.

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