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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Poll - Lindsey Graham far ahead of Tea Party challengers

Brothers from different mothers.

Graham ahead with 54% in poll
Tea Party candidates looking weak

One has to admire Lindsey Graham.  He knows better than most how to do the political two-step dance.  One week I will be screaming at Graham on TV calling him the dumbest bastard in America, and the next week he is ripping the Hillary-Beast into small chunks and pissing on her on live TV.

Covering all his political bases may save him in the GOP primary from a number of weak Tea Party candidates.

A recent poll suggests that the Tea Party activists may have their work cut out for them. The poll, released by Gravis Marketing last week, shows that if the Republican primary election were held today, Lindsey Graham would receive the support of 54 percent of likely Republican primary voters.

All four of the challengers trail badly. State Senator Lee Bright trails Graham at ten percent support, Nancy Mace at six percent, Richard Cash at five percent, and Bill Connor at two percent.

The poll also suggests, however, that if the Tea Party coalesces around one candidate, Graham may be in trouble. When asked "Would you support a Tea Party challenger over Lindsey Graham?" 39 percent of likely Republican primary voters said they would support a Tea Party candidate, while 37 percent said they would support Graham reports Breitbart.

None of the four candidates have raised much money. Only one, Bill Connor, has ever run for statewide office before. Connor, an attorney and Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, lost the Republican primary runoff for Lieutenant Governor in 2010 to Ken Ard, 61 percent to 39 percent.

State Senator Lee Bright has the most passionate supporters, enthusiastic over his strong voting record as a fiscal conservative. However, recent reports that he is $1.4 million in debt have damaged his credibility across the state. The revelations came after the Gravis Marketing poll was conducted. 
First-time candidate Nancy Mace caused a splash when she announced, but the first woman graduate of the Citadel has done little to distinguish herself on the campaign trail since then.

Richard Cash, a small business owner who was the first to announce his challenge to Graham, has focused on a campaign message of "capitalism, Christianity, and the Constitution." Cash has yet to convince a significant number of primary voters that he is the one to deliver it.

No one expects Graham to finish below first place in the June primary. The question is whether or not the four Tea Party challengers can hold him below 50 percent, and therefore force a one-on-one runoff between Graham and the second place finisher two weeks later.

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