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Monday, December 9, 2013

'Hang the Commie' - A Revolution in the Ukraine

"Hang a Commie for Christ."
Now this is what I am talking about . . . a Conservative
anti-Communist Revolution.

Ukrainian protesters blocked streets leading to government buildings with barricades, as tens of thousands rallied on Kiev’s Independence Square. The opposition hoped its pro-EU protest would attract 1 million people, calling it “The Million March.”

Pro-EU Ukrainian protesters on Sunday toppled a statue of the Soviet Union's founder Vladimir Lenin in Kiev after hundreds of thousands massed for a new protest in an increasingly tense standoff with President Viktor Yanukovych's government.

The protesters had filled Independence Square in central Kiev and surrounding streets to bursting point to denounce Yanukovych's rejection of an EU pact under Kremlin pressure, in the biggest protests since the 2004 Orange Revolution reports APF News.

In a hugely symbolic denouement to the rally, dozens of masked protesters, some brandishing flags of ultra-nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) party, tore down the 3.4 metre (11 feet) high statue of the Bolshevik leader after putting a rope noose round Lenin's neck.

"Hang the Commie!" screamed the protesters.

They then hacked away with axes at the remnants of the monument lying flat on the ground. Parts of the statue including one of its hands were afterwards triumphantly brandished at the main demonstration on Independence Square.

"What an unpleasant suicide!" later quipped Svoboda leader Oleg Tyagnybok.

The protesters installed the Ukrainian state flag and the red and black banner of the wartime anti-Communist Ukrainian Insurgent Army on the empty plinth to the cries of "Thank God" and "Finally" from some 1,500 people at the scene.

Police opened a criminal probe into "mass riots" over the felling of the monument.

Euronews cameraman attacked by Ukrainian riot police

Call for revolution once again in the air in Ukraine

Pro-Europe protesters keep up their demands
for Ukraine's president to resign

Graphic video shows police brutality
against protester in Kiev

Ukrainians destroy a state of Lenin.

Down with Communism.

A Ukrainian flag goes up where Lenin once stood.

Crowds carry a flag of imprisoned Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

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