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Friday, December 27, 2013

Liberals Oppose Buffalo Sex - And the horror of hunger goes on and on

"Thou Shalt Not Hump"
  • Liberal Conservationists in California have put bison on birth control to prevent new baby bison.  This is considered "enlightened" in a world of hungry people.
  • On the other hand, a Conservative John Muir Conservationist would encourage endless bison humping and the birth of baby bison.  The meat of the "extra" bison would be used to feed hungry children. 

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder  -  It is bad enough that Liberals fall all over themselves to abort or birth control every human baby possible.  Now that strange form of mental illness has moved into environmentalism with birth control for buffalo.  Under Liberalism they want just enough buffalo to "look at" in parks but never in large enough numbers so they can be used commercially to feed people.

A contraceptives program launched in 2009 on Catalina Island has been deemed an effective and more humane way of controlling the bison population than relocation, according to a new study by the Catalina Island Conservancy that will be published this month.

The new program is a form of immuno-contraception, using porcine zona pellucida (PZP) applied in a very small dose administered by a dart or syringe.

“It follows the same rules as a vaccine,” Duncan said. “The bison are doing what they were doing before and it’s not causing any difference in hormones or behavior,” reports the Daily Breeze.

The contraceptive has been used for fertility control in zoos, wild horses and white-tailed deer. The females are administered two doses their first year of the program and then one every year after that. This program is more cost-effective and efficient for the biologists, who no longer have to corral the huge animals or find them across the island. The population now is already stabilized at 159 animals.

The program has allowed wildlife biologists to keep population levels that are both beneficial to the herds of bison as well as the ecological health of the island.

“It’s a long-term program,” said Calvin Duncan, a wildlife biologist who co-led the contraceptives effort. “The conservancy is looking to find a balance. The bison have been really ingrained into the culture and the residents love them. Hopefully, this is something that can be considered in other bison herds.”

Bison were introduced to Catalina Island in 1924 for a movie that was never made, but have become somewhat of a historical icon indicative of the island’s wildlife. Over time, the herd grew to more than 600 animals, creating a need to remove bison off the island.

The conservancy had been shipping bison off to auction houses or relocating them to Native American reservations.

Think of the Children
But Liberals refuse to think of the children and would rather
they go hungry than eat buffalo meat.

"I am so hungry and liberal environmentalists
won't let me eat a buffalo burger."

Santa Catalina Island, a closed environment where Liberals can properly control the births and deaths of all living creatures.

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