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Friday, December 20, 2013

Internet Hacking - Why On Earth Are You Still Using Debit Cards?

Are You a Sucker?
  • Why on earth are you still using credit and debit cards connected to the Internet for anyone on earth to hack?
  • Also, recently I had lunch at a mom and pop BBQ restaurant.  They give their customers a 5% discount for paying in cash.  That discount illustrates how we are overpaying for everything.  Stores have jacked up prices to cover the fees banks charge them for the "privilege" of letting their customers use plastic.

By Gary;

I am a revolutionary.  Yesterday I walked into the market, handed a twenty dollar bill to the clerk and then left with my merchandise.

No debit or credit card was used.  No account numbers to be stolen by hackers.  No bank fees.  No going into debt to buy crap made in Asian sweatshops.  A simple cash transaction for something I needed.

The media is in their traditional 24 hour news cycle meltdown over the hacking of perhaps 40,000,000 bank accounts through purchases at Target.

But the Target story misses the point.  The real issue is, in an age of Internet hacking why are you using plastic cards that are connected to your bank accounts?

But also, why the Hell are people using plastic credit cards to go into debt to buy crap made in Asia?

At times it feels like 50% of the TV ads are by the multi-national banking industry trying to get you to use plastic to go deep into debt with their corporation at 15% to 30% interest rates. 

In the olden days a bank would cancel your checking account if you bounced too may checks.  Today the banks want you to bounce as many card purchases as possible and rake in huge overdraft fees.  And then there are the endless banking fees to stores that drive up prices for every product. 

The bankers want you to become a modern Serf (a wage slave) with you working all year long to make them wealthy.

Fight the Banks  -  It is the goal of the banking industry to separate you from as much of your income as possible.  Like vampires, the bankers want you to stay in debt for your entire life, and now with debit cards they can suck you dry purchase by purchase.

Join me and fight the banking industry.  Cut up your cards and pay for products with cash.  And don't be shy.  Tell merchants that you want a discount for cash or you will take your business down the street.

Fight to regain control of your life.

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