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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Communists win the elections in Venezuela

The March of Communism
The Looters and Moochers win the elections in Venezuela

The Venezuelan election should be a wake-up call for the non-Marxists in the United States. 

The Leftist Looters and Moochers of the world could care less about our message of small government, self reliance and private property rights.  For the Left it is all about stealing everything that is not nailed down and re-distributing that wealth in order to buy votes.  The 2014 US elections are not in the bag for Republicans.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) has announced the first results of the Venezuelan municipal elections held today.

Mayors and local councilors were elected for the country’s 335 municipalities, as well as the metropolitan mayor of Caracas.

The results for 77% of mayoralties were announced, with the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and its allies winning 196 of the 257 mayoral position results  that are so far irreversible.

Venezuelan President Maduro has since claimed that the number of mayoralties won by the PSUV has increased to 210 reports Venezuel Analysis.

According to the first bulletin results, the MUD has won 53 municipalities, while other parties have won 8.

The PSUV and allies won 49.24% (5,111,336) of the vote nationally, versus 42.72% (4,435,097) of the vote to the MUD .

The PSUV candidate, Jorge Rodriguez, was reelected as mayor of the central Libertador municipality of Caracas with 54.55% of the vote. The candidate for the MUD won the mayoralties in the cities of Maracaibo and Valencia, Venezuela’s second and third largest cities.

So far the PSUV has won 13 state capitals, and the MUD 8.

The MUD candidate Antonio Ledezma also won the mayoralty of Metropolitan Caracas, on 50.81%.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles had called on the local ballots to be a referendum on the goverment's overall record and some of his allies had predicted a symbolic defeat of “Chavismo” under Maduro, who came to power in April.

“I did everything humanly possible,” a visibly tired Capriles told reporters after the results were unveiled. “Remember that Venezuela does not have a single owner. A divided country needs dialogue.”

Also see France 24 News.

“I did everything humanly possible.”
Governor Henrique Capriles  (on left)
Opposition Leader
Venezuela's opposition leader and Governor of Miranda state Henrique Capriles urged President Nicolás Maduro and government officials to read carefully the results of the local election held in Venezuela on Sunday. Capriles' statement came in response to the high level of abstention recorded on the election day. "Many Venezuelans did not turned out to vote today; they did not express themselves," said the opposition leader.

"I have heard the speech (delivered by President Maduro at the presidential palace of) Miraflores and it does not mirror what happened here today (Sunday) (...) this country does not have one owner..."

"Voters' turnout hit 58.92%. This is something we all must interpret (...) nobody should be proud of such turnout. Conversely, this should be a challenge for all of us; but it should be particularly a challenge for the government, which staged the most abusive and outrageous campaign in recent years," Capriles claimed.

With reference to the economic measures implemented recently, the opposition leader stated such actions had electoral purposes only, and claimed they would adversely affect the economic future of the country.

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