"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, November 4, 2013

Why do Conservatives support the Police State?

Charles Krauthammer - "Edward Snowden is a traitor."
Many people who claim to be small government 
"Conservatives" close ranks to vigorously defend the
unconstitutional 1984 Surveillance State. 

Two times this last week I got so so God Damned pissed that I turned Fox News off.  The first time was when Charles Krauthhammer called Edward Snowden a traitor.  The second time was when several so-called "Conservatives" on The Five parroted the same line.

That is one reason I call myself a Constitutional Federalist and not a Conservative.

On one hand, Conservatives claim they are "outraged" by the Big Government loving Comrade Obama.  Then on the other hand, a majority of Conservatives and Liberals work hand-in-hand to grow and fund the Police State.  The Constitution has no meaning to them at all. 

Now we have Edward Snowden saying that calls for more oversight of government intelligence agencies showed he was justified.

In "A Manifesto for the Truth" published in German news magazine Der Spiegel on Sunday, Snowden said current debates about mass surveillance in many countries showed his revelations were helping to bring about change.

"Instead of causing damage, the usefulness of the new public knowledge for society is now clear because reforms to politics, supervision and laws are being suggested," the 30-year-old ex-CIA employee and NSA contractor wrote reports Reuters News.

 "Citizens have to fight against the suppression of information about affairs of essential importance for the public. Those who speak the truth are not committing a crime," said Snowden.

"We have a moral duty to ensure that our laws and values limit surveillance programs and protect human rights," he wrote.  

Snowden is in Russia, where he has been given asylum for at least a year.

In an open letter to Germany last week, Snowden said he was counting on international support to stop Washington's 'persecution' of him.

His revelations about the reach and methods of the NSA, including the monitoring of vast volumes of Internet traffic and phone records, have angered U.S. allies from Germany to Brazil.

Admirers have called Snowden a human rights champion. Others say he is a traitor for stealing information from the NSA after vowing to respect its secrecy policies and then fleeing first to Hong Kong and then to Russia with classified U.S. data.

In the manifesto published on Sunday, Snowden said mass surveillance was a global problem that needed global solutions and added that secret services' "criminal surveillance programs" jeopardized individual privacy, freedom of opinion and open societies.

The existence of spying technology should not determine politics, he said: "We have a moral duty to ensure that our laws and values limit surveillance programs and protect human rights".

A Sad Day for Democracy.
It fell to an authoritarian Russia to grant political asylum to whistleblower Edward Snowden (above document).  While Snowden hides from his own government, the Western nations build massive Big Brother systems to spy on hundreds of millions of their own citizens 24 hours a day. 
If you dare to tell the truth you become an Enemy of the State.  

The Delaware Regiment at the Battle of Long Island
Do "Conservatives" know our history?
Before the Declaration of Independence, George Washington commanded his 10,000 men to aim their guns and fire at the soldiers of the legal government of America.  Washington, Adams and Hamilton understood that just because a corrupt government passes a law that does not make it right.
But today we see so-called a majority of "small government" Conservatives joining with most Liberals to ignore the Bill of Rights in order to grow, protect and fund a centralized Police State.
(Battle of Long Island)    


1984 is Here.
"Political tags - such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth - are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire." 
  - - - Robert A. Heinlein

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“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks
were striking thirteen.”
George Orwell,


Chuck said...

Snowden is a traitor and people are dying because of his treason. Just because you like his treason doesn't mean it isn't treason.

He deserves to die.

Gary said...

Chuckie, send me the photos of the dead bodies!!!!!

Chuck you are a patriot, but in this case you are defending the very people who want to overthrow the Constitution.

Josh Kruschke said...


You do realize you are arguing the Anti-Fedralist position.

Safety over Liberty it was the motivating factor in Madisons & Washingtons support for the need for a stronger central authority represented in the US Constitution. It was the Anti-Fedralist that argued out against Fedralism and the monster government they new would grow out of it.



Gary said...

I beg to differ.

I suspect that if the Anti-Federalists had carried the day and our Constitution had not been adopted then the U.S. would had broken apart.

A weak and helpless Articles of Confederation government would have seen New England, the South and maybe the West break away into independent nations.

Or you might have seen the huge army that Napoleon sent to Haiti instead land in Louisiana to reclaim a French Empire from a weak Confederation.

Do not confuse modern "Conservatism" with Federalism. Today's Conservatives are Karl Marx Lite Statists.

The Federalists created the Constitution and passed a Bill of Rights.

Never in the wildest dreams of a Federalist would they have passed the Marxist income tax like the GOP Congress did or crap all over the 4th and 10th Amendments.

Josh Kruschke said...

The Federalist get no credit from me for the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights was pass in spite of most Fedralist  oposition to it. Madison, for example, was not a strong suporter of the bill of rights, had to be talked into suporting it, by Thomas Jefferson.

""On September 12, George Mason of Virginia suggested the addition of a Bill of Rights to the Constitution modeled on previous state declarations, and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts made it a formal motion.[4] However, the motion was defeated by a unanimous vote of the state delegations after only a brief discussion. Madison, then an opponent of a Bill of Rights, later explained the vote by calling the state bills of rights "parchment barriers" that offered only an illusion of protection against tyranny.[5]""

If it wasn't for Ant-Federalist like Henry, Madison would have tried ratification without a Bill of Rights. 

""Following the Philadelphia Convention, some leading revolutionary figures such as Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, and Richard Henry Lee publicly opposed the Constitution, a position known as "Anti-Federalism".[10] Elbridge Gerry wrote the most popular Anti-Federalist tract, "Hon. Mr. Gerry's Objections", which went through 46 printings; the essay particularly focused on the lack of a bill of rights in the proposed constitution.[11] Many were concerned that a strong national government was a threat to individual rights and that the President would become a king. Jefferson wrote to Madison advocating a Bill of Rights: "Half a loaf is better than no bread. If we cannot secure all our rights, let us secure what we can."[12]""

""Supporters of the Constitution, known as Federalists, opposed a bill of rights for much of the ratification period, in part due to the procedural uncertainties it would create.[16] Madison argued against such an inclusion, suggesting that state governments were sufficient guarantors of personal liberty, in No. 46 of The Federalist Papers, a series of essays promoting the Federalist position.[17] Hamilton opposed a Bill of Rights in Federalist No. 84, stating that "the constitution is itself in every rational sense, and to every useful purpose, A BILL OF RIGHTS."[18]""

Note: It must be stated that it was a Federalist, Hamalton, that first made the argument that the Constitution had implied Powers so he could talk Washington into authorizing, signing into law a Central Bank.

Quotes from Wiki Article "Bill of Rights, section background. (Yes I know... It's well sourced, and by my recollection accurate.):


You, make the what if argument that without the Constitution we could have been invaded by France. All I know is with we were still invaded by England.

Federalism is the first step on the road to Statism, because it legitimatizes the argument that we can't live with out some form of Central Control. That then opens up the floor to debate as to where you draw the line, a long with ambiguous statements like, "As small as possible."

Gary said...

I recently reviewed:

Founding Rivals: Madison vs. Monroe - The Bill of Rights, and The Election that Saved a Nation By Chris DeRose

An interesting read with Madison and Monroe running for the same Congressional seat.

Might I say without Statism there is no state. Without a state to protect the liberty of the people then you are wide open for conquest by real states with real militaries run by dictators.

The only thing the weak in this world will ever have is a burial ditch or the chains of slavery.

The Federalists understood this simple concept and created a Republic with a military and a Bill of Rights to protect the people.

A stateless society where everyone dances around the maypole singing Kumbaya is a fantasy of liberal retards like the Jeffersonians who cut the military as their response to British aggression.