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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chris Christie for President?

Establishment Conservatives vs. Social Conservatives.

The Two Republican Parties
  • A huge GOP 22 point landslide in deep blue New Jersey.
  • While over in Virginia the socially Conservative Republicans manage to lose Governorship by 2.5 points and Lt. Governorship by 11 points. 
  • Both the Establishment and Constitutional wings of the GOP need each other if anything resembling a Republic is to survive this wave of radical Obama Marxism.

By Gary;

I know it is a tad early, but how about a Chris Christie / Marco Rubio ticket in 2016?

Let's bottom line this  -  The GOP desperately needs to take blue states or the Presidency will be forever out of their reach.  New Jersey is blue and Florida is rapidly turning blue.  Thus the Christie-Rubio ticket with the added bonus of appealing to Hispanic voters.

If the GOP does not win the White House soon
the Supreme Court could become 7 to 2 Democrat.
Then you can kiss the Republic goodbye as
a liberal court rubber stamps Big Government.
Yes.  I can hear the anger now from all you true believers out there and all the usual RINO attacks.  And I agree with you. 

But you can't win an election in deep blue states with candidates that play well in rural Texas.  It just ain't gonna happen.

Christie also knows how to successfully knife fight down in the gutter with the Democrats.  He will not take any crap from them, and the Right needs a street fighter not a "thinker".

Libertarian on Social Issues  -  The two strong socially Conservative candidates at the top of the ticket lost in Virginia.

Neither Christie nor Rubio have the image of hardline religious Conservatives.  That plays well with young and middle age voters in blue states who want government out of their lives.

The Federal Courts  -  With lifetime appointments the courts have enormous power to shape society.  Comrade Obama has already appointed two Supreme Court Justices and numerous members of the lower courts.

Even Big Government loving Conservatives like the two Bush Presidents have redeemed themselves by appointing judges like Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.  It would be far better to have Christie appointing judges compared to a President Hillary Clinton.

2016 is a long way off and anything can happen.  But the Right needs a blue state fighter at the top of the ticket or you can kiss the Republic goodbye.

The Real Enemy
With the re-election of Governor Christie the 2016 campaign for President begins.  I think the time is here for every non-Marxist Presidential candidate to moderate their tone toward each other.  No more talking crap by Christie about Rand Paul or right-wingers ripping on Christie.  We may not like each other, but we are allies. 
The real enemy of American liberty is a very powerful and united Marxist Democrat Party that wants to transform the nation into a Venezuelan People's Republic.

The Republicans are totally screwed.
It is all about the electoral college and the Republican Party has been kicked out of school.  It is in danger of being a permanent minority.
The crown jewel of the electoral college is California. Once Republican, the GOP has lost the Golden State to the radical Left.  And in the last two elections the GOP lost the key states of Ohio, Virginia and Florida to the Leftists.
The Right needs to find the correct candidate to break into the blue states and re-capture the White House.  Is it Christie?  Time will tell.  If the GOP fails you will soon see an all-Democrat Supreme Court ruling in favor of every leftist law and endless Executive Orders coming from the White House establishing a People's Republic.

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