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Monday, November 25, 2013

John Kerry - "We have peace with Iran in our time."

John Kerry  -  AP File Photo
"We have peace with Iran in our time."
  • The West will pay Iran $7 Billion to be nice to us.

Why is it that I smell the aroma of Bullshit in the air?

The West has been negotiating with Iran over nuclear weapons for years and years.  And now that Comrade Obama is immersed in the giant clusterfuck of Obamacare the US "magically" comes to an agreement with Iran at this exact moment to help Obama in the polls.

I many ways I don't blame Iran for wanting nukes.  I have written on this Blog how Iran has been invaded over and over again by their neighbors, Russia and the British.  They live in a tough neighborhood and with nukes people will leave you alone. 

The problem is religious fanatics having nukes so they can enter Allah's heaven faster and can get laid by their virgins.  Not good to say the least.

My worry is under the table "side deals" that a desperate Kerry did with Iran that none of us will ever know about.

One nervous neighbor is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who sees himself as playing a similar role to Winston Churchill, and is thus willing to take an uncompromising stand for what he sees as right and necessary, however unpopular it may be.

"What was achieved last night in Geneva is not an historic agreement; it is an historic mistake,”  Netanyahu told his cabinet, criticizing the world’s leading powers for easing the sanctions on Iran in exchange for “cosmetic Iranian concessions that can be cancelled in weeks.”

While Israel had tentatively supported a diplomatic deal on Iran if coupled with sanctions, this agreement essentially only freezes rather than dismantles the Iranian nuclear military infrastructure and offers close to $7 billion in "sweeteners,"  says Efraim Inbar, director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University.

“It’s a very disappointing deal," he says, citing rollbacks in Libya and Syria’s nuclear programs as closer to what Israel would have liked.

Israeli leaders made clear that an Israeli military strike is still possible, though President Shimon Peres struck a somewhat more conciliatory tone.

“I would like to say to the Iranian people: You are not our enemies and we are not yours. There is a possibility to solve this issue diplomatically. It is in your hands,” he said, calling on Iran to stop the nuclear program as well as the development of long-range missiles. “… if the diplomatic path fails, the nuclear option will be prevented by other means. The alternative is far worse."

(Christian Science Monitor)

Neville Chamberlain - Peace in our Time

Meanwhile Back in Iran
American politicians and our military always underestimate the power and fervor of People's Revolutions.

The revolutionary colonists in America fought the British to a standstill.  The 1790s revolutionaries in France swept away their own government and most of Europe.  The revolutionary Red Chinese Army fought America to a draw in Korea.  The Vietnamese were never beaten by the American military.  And both Iraq and Afghanistan show how religious inspired guerrilla tactics are almost unbeatable.

Iranian Military on Parade.


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