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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Zealand Conservatives ram 1984 bill through

A march on Parliament protesting the extensions of power of the Government
spy agency in the GSCB Bill, Wellington, New Zealand.

1984 Bill Rammed through by one vote
New Zealand "Conservatives" embrace Big Brother.

The "Conservative" government of New Zealand has taken the nation down the 1984 Police Surveillance State road along with Communist China, monarchist Saudi Arabia, "Conservative" ruled Britain and the U.S. 

This proves again the political parties mean nothing.  It is all about gathering ultimate power to the State.

Controversial new legislation allowing the Government Communications Security Bureau to spy on New Zealanders has passed its final vote in Parliament.

The GCSB amendment Bill passed its third and final reading by 61 votes to 59 following another heated debate between MPs.

National, United Future and ACT backed the legislation, but all other parties voted against it. Maori Party MPs were only able to cast two of their three votes in opposition to the Bill reports One News New Zealand.

New Zealand protest.
The law will enable the spy agency to legally support the New Zealand Police, Defence Force and Security Intelligence Service in surveillance operations on citizens and residents.

One of the most polarising pieces of legislation in recent times, the GCSB Bill and its related legislation has been pushed through various stages by often just one vote.

The Government's rush to get the Bill through, has seen thousands turn out at protest marches and public meetings and some high-profile opposition.

Labour leader David Shearer said that is was disappointing that the Prime Minister had left it so late in the piece to clarify aspects of the Bill.

"This is a sad day, we are passing legislation that is ad hoc, that is Mickey Mouse, that you have to have a third reading of to explain exactly what the Bill will do.

"It will do nothing to reassure New Zealanders that their private lives are safe from the prying eyes of our spies.

"Right up to the last minute, the Prime Minister has been forced to clarify exactly what the GCSB will actually achieve," he said.

New Zealanders protest against 1984 spy bill

Maaki, a protester who did not want to share her surname, described the bill as a
way to “strangle us and tighten us up”.  “It’s just disgusting,” she said.
“If you can’t even breathe…[or] have the freedom to talk, or even to speak to one
another, to have opinions against the government without having that choice.
“We’re allowed to have that freedom of choice to talk about anything
without being strangled.”
(Waikato Independent.co.nz)

A young mother with a ‘nothing to hide’ placard during the ‘spy bill’
protest in Auckland. Image: Del Abcede/PMC

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