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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Florida Parents Protest Pro-Islam History Textbook

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Now Pro-Islam History Books
Government monopoly schools are often about indoctrination rather than learning to think for yourself. 

On Florida’s Atlantic Coast, some 200 or more local parents and activists have announced plans to show up at Tuesday’s Volusia County school board meeting to protest the public school use of a world history textbook that devotes a whole chapter to Islam but exactly zero chapters to any other religions.

The textbook, called simply “World History,” contains a 32-page chapter fondly devoted to “Muslim Civilizations.” Sections include descriptions of the Koran, the growth of the Muslim empire and the Five Pillars of Islam.

The planned protest will include a demand that students rip out the 32 pages of the Islam chapter unless the school district agrees to provide students with a similar amount of officially-sanctioned material concerning other religions, reports local ABC affiliate WFTV. says the Daily Caller.

“Christianity and Judaism is [sic] spread throughout the book,” a school district spokeswoman told WFTV.

The book’s supporters also argue that students know about Christianity but need to learn more about Islam because of its crucial importance in international affairs.

Critics of the textbook include District 2 Deltona commissioner Webster Barnaby, who told WFTV that he is only seeking equal time for other religions, specifically Christianity.

“The problem is: there needs to be balance. In America today, Christianity is being relegated to the trash heap,” Barnaby told the station.

“Why relegate Christianity to a footnote in an entire history book, and you give an entire chapter on the teachings of Islam?” he added.

As a school district spokeswoman noted, one reason school districts select this book is because it covers information required under Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards—the state’s version of the Common Core.

The same textbook is used in school districts across Florid and across the country.

Truth is an optional extra.
Somehow I doubt this textbook chapter on "Muslim Civilizations" tells the real truth about the massive campaign of invasion, murder, forced conversions and slavery that went hand-in-hand with the spread of Islam.
The non-Muslim peoples of Egypt, Persia, India, Spain and Rome had no interest in being conquered and made a part of the glorious "Muslim Civilization".
For more see The Muslim Conquests.

Insane Jihad Has Not Changed
The terrorism of Jihad and murder have not changed over the centuries.  Armed Islamist religious fanatics would show up at your city and demand your surrender or they would storm the walls, kill the infidels inside and sell the survivors into slavery. 
It took real men with balls to stand on a city wall armed with only a shield and sword and face down thousands of invading murderers wanting to kill you, your family, your religion and your civilization.
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