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Monday, November 25, 2013

Muslims want websites critical of Islam censored

The Religion of Peace in Malaysia

Muslim Internet Censorship
Under Islam there is no freedom of religion, freedom 
of speech or freedom of thought.

The Federal Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) urged Putrajaya in its Friday sermon to consider internet censorship to stop attacks against Islam.

The sermon stated that given the challenges posed by anti-Islam groups through information technology, it was important that the Muslim community used whatever reasonable strategy available including social media to counter, answer and ward off the propaganda of the enemies of Islam.

“Muslims must be kept updated on current developments so that we get accurate information and not be influenced by enemy propaganda" reports the Malaysian Digest.

“You all can also use new media such as YouTube, Twitter and blogs as mediums to send out the right message and spread the teachings of Islam."

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“While Muslims are working at strengthening the economy and the Malay race, the enemies have not slackened for a minute to run their mission to destroy Islam by using whatever strategy possible, including cyber troopers,” said Jakim in the sermon.

The Islamic body said it was required of Muslims to identify the agenda designed to erode the sanctity of Islam and to also identify those who attempted to do so.

Jakim warned that the international line of thinking, such as liberalism and pluralism, seems to be spreading fast via the internet and influencing the younger generation.

“They are launching calculated attacks by spreading news which insults Islam through the use of symbols and in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

"From our observations, many symbols and hundreds of websites on the internet are being used to confuse and weaken those of the Islamic faith."
Jakim also warned that the use of websites to weaken the faith of Muslims was the cunning strategy of the enemies of Islam that had succeeded in bringing down a few countries in the Middle East.
Last week, Islamic NGO Pertubuhan Martabat Jalinan Muhibbah Malaysia lodged a police report against a Facebook account owner for allegedly insulting Islam.
Its chairman Abdul Rani Kulup Abdullah had said the report was lodged against the account owner, who used the name Adlin Abd Jalil, for displaying a picture of a grilled pig with the words "Allah" and "Muhammad", as well as the Jakim's halal logo on it on the posting.
In his police report, Abdul Rani urged the Home Ministry, Jakim and the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission to look into the matter and take stern action against the account owner.

Religions in Malaysia
When Muslims become the majority you will not dare to think for yourself, Islam
will crush you and your family in the name of Allah.

Freedom of Speech - Not under Islam

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