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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1984 Tracking Boxes in Seattle - Fully funded by the DHS

Big Brother tracking boxes in Seattle.

DHS Tracking Boxes in Seattle
  • Fully funded by the Democrat Senate and the GOP House, the DHS is building a domestic 1984 Police Surveillance State network to spy on every American 24 hours a day without a search warrant. 
  • Liberals pretend to be for the "little guy" while Conservatives pretend to be for "small government".  But both sides are frightened to death of a free American people.

(UPDATE  -  Following a privacy outcry concerning a wi-fi “mesh network” being installed, the Seattle Police Department announced last night that it is temporarily deactivating the network.)

Police State  -  The Seattle Police have installed a network of 160 wireless "white box" access points that are mounted on poles across the city.  Every time a cell phone or other device looks for a Wi-Fi signal the white box recognizes it and stores that data for future use.  The network can record the last 1,000 locations of a person using their cellphone’s MAC address.

The network was bought with a Department of Homeland Security grant for $2.6 million reports KIRO 7 TV News.

This is a system that could lead to the permanent tracking of an entire city’s population.

"They now own a piece of equipment that has tracking capabilities so we think that they should be going to City Council and presenting a protocol for the whole network that says they won't be using it for surveillance purposes," said Jamela Debelak of the American Civil Liberties Union.

"We believe that people should be free to move about without having the government track their movements unless there really is reason to believe they're engaged in some criminal activity," said Debelak. Seattle police could not explain why the network appears to be online.

report by The Stranger, a weekly Seattle newspaper, exposes how the boxes, which are attached to utility poles and include vertical antennae, can track cellphones even if they are not connected to the system’s wi-fi network.
Aruba – the company that provided the boxes to the Seattle Police Department – brags in its technical literature about how the boxes can keep track of “rogue” or “unassociated” devices, in other words your cellphone even if you have refused to let the system access your device’s wi-fi component.
The user’s guide for one of Aruba’s recent software products states: “The wireless network has a wealth of information about unassociated and associated devices.” That software includes “a location engine that calculates associated and unassociated device location every 30 seconds by default… The last 1,000 historical locations are stored for each MAC address.”
When reporters Matt Fikse-Verkerk and Brendan Kiley asked the Seattle Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security to explain what the boxes were for, the DHS refused to comment and Seattle Police detective Monty Moss would only state that the department “is not comfortable answering policy questions when we do not yet have a policy.”

See more at Constitution campaign.org  and  Infowars News.

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Police install a Big Brother tracking box in Seattle.
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