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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Supreme Court refuses to review unconstitutional spying

The Buck Stops Somewhere Else
"Conservative" Supreme Court Justices run for the hills
rather than address unconstitutional 1984 spying.

Why Conservatism????  -  One has to ask why Conservatives exist. 

The "Conservative" Republican Chief Justice John Roberts rubber stamped Socialist-Fascist Obamacare.  And now the Conservative majority Supreme Court has refused to even review the unconstitutional wholesale spying on and recording of billions of American emails, text messages and phone calls.

The GOP says "vote for us so we can appoint Federal Judges."  OK.  Fair enough.  But then lovers of Liberty get screwed over on vital issues by GOP appointed judges.

The Supreme Court announced Monday morning that it would not be considering at this time a complaint filed months earlier that challenged the legality of the National Security Agency’s dragnet telephone surveillance program.

The high court issued a notice early Monday without comment acknowledging that it would not be weighing in on a matter.  The issue was introduced this past June by a privacy watchdog group after NSA leaker Edward Snowden revealed evidence showing that the United States intelligence agency was collecting metadata pertaining to the phone calls of millions of American customers of the telecommunications company Verizon on a regular basis reports RT News.

That disclosure — the first of many NSA documents leaked by Mr. Snowden — prompted the Washington, DC-based Electronic Privacy Information Center, or EPIC, to ask the Supreme Court to consider taking action that would end the collection of phone records on a major scale.

When EPIC filed their petition in June, they wrote, “We believe that the NSA’s collection of domestic communications contravenes the First and Fourth Amendments to the United States Constitution, and violates several federal privacy laws, including the Privacy Act of 1974 and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 as amended.”

We ask the NSA to immediately suspend collection of solely domestic communications pending the competition of a public rulemaking as required by law. We intend to renew our request each week until we receive your response,” EPIC said.

Five months later, though, the Supreme Court said this week that it would not be hearing EPIC’s plea. A document began circulating early Monday in which the high court listed the petition filed by the privacy advocates as denied.

FBI: Cyber Attacks Justify Internet Kill Switch

“It is the height of naivete to think that once collected this information won’t be used.  This is the nature of secret government organizations. The only way to protect the people’s privacy is not to allow the government to collect their information in the first place.”
Even Schmidt
Former Commander, East German Stasi
Communist Secret Police

"We Germans have had to experience the
abuse of state power with secret services
twice in our history."

President Joachim Gauck

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