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Monday, November 18, 2013

Socialist Democrats on a Job Killing Rampage - A 95% Drop in Jobs

Porn Star Sunny Leone

Democrats Drive Porn Jobs Out of L.A.
  • Liberals work overtime to crush job creation and then they wonder why there is not enough tax money to pay for government.

The number of permits pulled to make porn films in Democrat controlled Los Angeles County has declined an estimated 95 percent — from about 480 issued in 2012 to only 24 through the first nine months of this year — since a law requiring adult film actors to use condoms took effect, officials said Friday.

Film LA, a private nonprofit that issues permits for filming in Los Angeles County, cautioned that its 2012 figures were just an estimate because it did not specifically track porn films until the condom requirement took effect in March 2012 reports the Associated Press.

Now that it does, the organization said only 24 permits were issued this year as of mid-September.
The adult film industry trade group, the Free Speech Coalition, said those numbers show the law adopted by voters is costing the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the porn industry employs about 10,000 people as actors or in technical supporting jobs.

Larry Flint of Hustler said, "We won't be doing anything in Los Angeles."  He is already making plans to shift production to Mexico, Arizona or Hawaii.

The group's executive director, Diane Duke, said a typical porn film permit costs about $1,000, meaning the county lost about $456,000.

"And if you think about the associated vendors and jobs that have gone elsewhere, I think that speaks volumes about what this is costing," she said.

Duke said some filmmakers went to neighboring counties, while others headed out of state.
Some smaller producers could also be forgoing permits to keep from drawing attention to themselves.

States around California are stealing businesses, jobs
and tax income from the once Golden State.
Also see our article:  Democrats shut down 10,000 more jobs

Porn Star Jessica Drake
Forced government condoms are unconstitutional.

Driving taxpayers out of Los Angeles
Jenna Jameson earns a million dollar paycheck in the porn industry.  Socialist Democrats have decided that having lots of taxpayers in the state is a bad thing.  Much better to drive jobs across the border into Nevada or Mexico.

Big Brother Sex Police
Fascist Democrats (helped by many Republicans) are thrusting unconstitutional Police State powers deep, deep into our most personal of freedoms  -  the right to have sex.
If Big Brother can invade privately owned businesses and force free men and women to use condoms under the watchful eye of agents of the All-Powerful-State then our Liberty is doomed.  Once this Fascist intrusion into our freedom becomes the norm the State will expand their surveillance of private sex acts in the name of "health" and "the public good".

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