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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, May 17, 2013

The IRS acts as the Brown Shirts of National Socialism

"Corruptus in Extremis"
Both parties promised you a Socialist IRS, a Marxist re-distribution of the wealth and a centralized police state . . . They have kept their promises to you.

By Gary;

The Police State  -  From day one the Income Tax was created to be used as a political class warfare weapon against the "evil" rich (the job creators).  The tax would steal their money and re-distribute that wealth to buy the votes of those not paying the tax. 

The ever growing tax code was and is used to reward or punish the friends and enemies of both the Democrats and the Republicans.  Everyone from Republican farmers to Greenie Solyndra Democrats gets to stick their snouts deep in the trough of the re-distributed wealth of America.

The political hacks have thug-like extorted the business class by saying, "Give us campaign money and we won't fuck you as hard at tax time."

So it should come as no surprise that IRS agents are morphing into the very Fascist Brown Shirt enforcers of the All-Powerful Marxist State that they were meant to be.

Political Attacks  -  This oppressive IRS Marxist-Fascist hybrid has exploded in the public eye this week.

From Obamacare down to the smallest local level the IRS State wants to control your every move.

One small story caught my attention.  A Tennessee lawyer asked the IRS for tax-exempt status for a mentoring group that trained high school and college students about conservative political philosophy, the agency responded with a list of 95 questions in 31 parts, including an ultimatum for a list of everyone the group had trained, or planned to train.

'Provide details regarding all training you have provided or will provide,' the IRS demanded. 'Indicate who has received or will receive the training and submit copies of the training material,' reports the UK Daily Mail.

That question was part of the tax collection agency's February 14, 2012 letter to Kevin Kookogey, founder of the group Linchpins of Liberty. He had submitted his application 13 months earlier.

'Can you imagine my responsibility to parents if I disclosed the names of their children to the IRS?' he asked MailOnline.

It's 'an impossible question to answer fully and truthfully,' he said.

There is a solution.  Abolish the income tax.  But the politicians will never do that because they would lose their power to control your life.

"Soak the Rich."
Republican William Howard Taft and a GOP Congress brought Marxism, the re-distribution of the wealth and class warfare to the U.S. by passing the income tax amendment to the Constitution.

In 1909 Republican President William Howard Taft urged a Congress with heavy Republican majorities to pass the income tax 17th Amendment and make the Marxist re-distribution of wealth the law of the land.

In an act of naked Marxism and class warfare the GOP promised to "tax the rich" and re-distribute that wealth to others in society with "needs." Never mind the nation had been doing just fine since 1776 without an income tax.

The Republican political hacks said not to worry. Only the very, very top earners would have to pay. Another lie to the simple minded who then sold their votes in return for the chance to legally steal other people's money.

To this day we are still waiting for the "small government" GOP to pass a flat income tax.  It will never happen because the Republican Party are the ones who made the progressive, soak the rich income tax the law of the land in the first place.

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