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Thursday, May 16, 2013

New York man arrested for carting 2 extra bullets

The People's Republic of New York
The Socialist Democrats are frightened to death of free men and their rights.

A New York man has the dubious honor of being the first reported arrest for carrying two bullets too many in his otherwise legally authorized ammunition magazine — in violation of the state’s new gun control laws.

Troopers discovered the extra two bullets when they stopped him for a traffic offense: His license plate lamp wasn’t lit, a local newspaper covering New Lebanon, N.Y., reported.

During the course of speaking to the driver, Gregory Dean, 31, of Hopewell Junction, troopers saw a .40 caliber handgun on the front seat. It was registered and legal, but when troopers found its magazine was carrying nine bullets.

The recently passed Secure Ammunition and Firearms and Enforcement Act only allows for seven rounds per magazine, the New Lebanon paper reported.

Dean was arrested on unlawful possession of ammunition, and on aggravated unlicensed operation, as well as charges stemming from his traffic violation, police said in the paper.

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Anonymous said...

I would appreciate it if you credit in some way the flag image you are using for this article. Thank you.

Gary said...

A little hard to do. You find a photo on Google images and it can have been posted on hundreds of sites.

Anonymous said...

Understood, not a problem, but there was only 1 site previously available besides the original host location. http://www.longislandfirearms.com/forum/topic/67188-the-peoples-republic-of-new-york/

Credit to Long Island Firearms, please. Thank you again. I'm glad you liked the picture.

Gary said...

The sad part is the insanity of New York that created the flag.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, it's disgusting. RINOs run rampant in NY and they buckled under the pressure of threats of $1M contributions in their next elections. Czar Bloomturd Fuhrer Cuomo need to GTFO.