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Saturday, May 4, 2013

UKIP surges to 25% in UK elections on immigration and the economy

A very happy UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

Fourth Party:  UKIP surges in England’s by-election on an anti-EU and anti-immigration ticket.
  • By late on Friday UKIP had seen 147 councillors elected, of whom 139 were gains.   Over 400 UKIP candidates held second places.
  • The Tories lost 335 seats in county and unitary council elections.
  • Vote split as no established party scores more than 30%. 
  • While back in the USA so-called GOP "Conservatives" and liberal Democrats work overtime to sell out American citizens and import millions of new workers into an economy that has massive unemployment, food stamps, welfare and poverty.

Election Update  -  In the biggest surge by a fourth party in England since WWII, the UK Independence Party has won nearly a quarter of the vote in local elections where it stood. Cameron, who previously dubbed the UKIP ‘fruitcakes’, has now been forced to backtrack.

UKIP has so far won 140 council seats in 35 councils nationwide, meaning that the party had polled roughly 25 per cent of the vote.

Among their victories was taking Lincolnshire County Council in east England from the Conservative party, leading to the founders of the Conservative Home blog, Lord Ashcroft and Stephan Shakespeare, to state:

“The Lincolnshire result, in particular, is disappointing. Even in 2005 the Conservatives had a substantial majority - the result last time in 2009 increased that majority still further.”

The party also won its first seats in Dorset and Somerset, and took five seats in Norfolk and won Tunbridge Wells East from the Conservatives: 1,386 to 1,005. The Conservatives held the council's remaining five seats reports RT News.

“The message to the Coalition is you are losing the argument. If I was a Tory MP in a marginal constituency I would be worried. If I was a Labour MP in a marginal I would be worried too,” said UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall speaking at the count.

“We are not just taking votes from Conservatives. This is the fourth by-election on the trot in the North where UKIP has finished second ,” he stated.

Farage:  'people are taking Ukip seriously' 

Local Council Elections UKIP Make Big Gains 
The Conservatives have lost control of two English local authorities as the UK Independence Party made some stunning electoral gains and declared itself the "official opposition".

The success has received quite unanimous estimates in British media.

With the political landscape shifting significantly overnight, PM David Cameron, who in 2006 dubbed UKIP "fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists mostly ", called Friday for more respect to the party and its voters.

"It's no good insulting a political party that people have chosen to vote for ," the prime minister told the BBC when he was asked whether he still stood by his previous comment.

An unhappy Prime Minister
just got his ass handed to him.

“We’ve been abused by everybody, the entire establishment, and now they are shocked and stunned that we’re getting over 25 per cent of the vote everywhere we stand across the country. This is a real sea-change for the British politics,” Nigel Farage, UKIP leader, told the BBC.

He was celebrating UKIP’s success over a pint of beer at his favorite haunt at Westminster, saying that the support from the public in the current election was more than he “dreamt possible”.

"We've thrown the kitchen sink at the campaign and spent every penny we had," Farage is cited by the Guardian as saying."And I've thrown myself into it."

The 49-year-old believes that the council election has become UKIP’s "first substantial step towards a party that can credibly win seats at Westminster".

Among the elected UKIP councilors is one distant relative of Guy Fawkes, famed for attempting to blow up the houses of Parliament in the 17th century. The Hampshire candidate, where UKIP gained 10 new seats, and the infamous gunpowder plotter share a relative in the latter’s 15th-century great-great-grandfather, leading Farage to comment that the blood of rebellion still run his veins. Fawkes took a 37.2 per cent share of the vote.

Cameron The Big Loser
UK voters are pissed off and looking for a political party that will listen to them on immigration, taxes and the size of government.  In this UK bi-election the UKIP passed the Conservatives. 

A UKIP Family Affair
Sue Ransome, (right) and her two daughters, Elizabeth Ransome, 26, (left) and Felicity Ransome, 27, (centre)all took seats in local elections in Boston, Lincolnshire.

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