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Monday, May 13, 2013

Blacks say Mexicans are taking away their jobs

African-American farm workers see their jobs given to foreigners.

Big Government screws over Black Americans
  • Both Democrats and Republicans push immigration "reform" to import millions of new workers into the country while Americans are unemployed, on welfare, on food stamps and are having their homes foreclosed on.

Follow the Money  -  Big business floods Washington D.C. with hundreds of millions in corrupt campaign cash.  In return for the cash business wants immigration "reform" - - - translation:  business wants a flood of cheaper foreign labor, both legal and illegal, to keep their costs down. 

Business is happy to let unemployed American workers be supported on welfare by the taxpayers.  Endless Socialist welfare programs and immigration effectively act as a government subsidy to private business. 

The New York Times showed that African Americans who live near Georgia farms say they want the field work but cannot get it because the jobs are going to Mexicans. They contend that they are illegally discouraged from applying for work and treated shabbily by farmers who prefer the foreigners for their malleability.
“They like the Mexicans because they are scared and will do anything they tell them to,” said Sherry Tomason, who worked for seven years in the fields here, then quit. Last month she and other local residents filed a federal lawsuit against a large grower of onions, Stanley Farms, alleging that it mistreated them and paid them less than it paid the Mexicans reports the New York Times.
The suit is one of a number of legal actions containing similar complaints against farms, including a large one in Moultrie, Ga., where Black Americans said they had been fired because of their race and national origin, given less desirable jobs and provided with fewer work opportunities than Mexican guest workers. Under a consent decree with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the farm, Southern Valley, agreed to make certain changes.
Chelsa Strong said she used to work at Southern Valley
but left because she felt mistreated.
With local unemployment about 10 percent and the bureaucracy for hiring foreigners onerous — guest workers have to be imported and housed and require extensive paperwork — it would seem natural for farmers to hire from their own communities, which they did a generation ago.
In fact, the farmers say, they would dearly like to.
“We have tried to fill our labor locally,” said Brian Stanley, an owner of Stanley Farms, which is being sued by Ms. Tomason and others. “But we couldn’t get enough workers, and that was hindering our growth. So we turned to the guest worker program.”

Henry Rhymes, who was fired — unfairly, he says — from Southern Valley after a week on the job. “We are not Mexicans.”

The vast majority of farm workers in the country are not in the guest worker program but are simply illegal immigrants,

Cindy Hahamovitch, an expert on guest worker programs at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, said that in the 1970s about two-thirds of farm workers were Americans and a third were foreign, and that a decade later the proportion was reversed. Today, she said, the vast majority of farm workers around the country are immigrants, although not in the guest worker program.

Illegal Immigrants Do Take Jobs That Americans Want

Frederick Redden, 25, says he was fired on
his eighth day at Southern Valley.
Africans have been planting and harvesting crops for thousands of years.  But after being paid off with big campaign contributions, the political hacks want to import cheap foreign labor to pacify farm owners.  So African Americans are paid welfare not to work so farmers can save money on labor costs with foreign workers.

Agribusiness Top Contributors, 2011-2012

Weaver Popcorn $2,607,400
American Crystal Sugar $2,142,100
Altria Group $1,725,638
Publix Super Markets $1,103,598
American Farm Bureau $1,100,523
Spendthrift Farm $1,015,000
Weaver Holdings $1,000,000
International Paper $943,334
Flo-Sun Inc $927,790
Reyes Holdings $887,050
Deere & Co $877,105
Farm Credit Council $769,295
National Cattlemen's Beef Assn $692,083
Morning Star Co $673,125
California Dairies Inc $616,900
Asplundh Tree Expert Co $598,806
Weyerhaeuser Co $573,179
Monsanto Co $541,854
McLane Co $541,100
Safeway Inc $497,071
Contributions to Democrats Republicans Outside Spending Groups


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