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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

EDL Marches against Islamist Racism and Bigotry

"We shall never surrender... We will protect our island"
The Leftists and Socialists call you a "racist" for daring to believe that your
language, culture, religion and nation have a right to exist.

English Defense League protest against Islamization of the UK

By Eric Dondero:

Mostly well-behaved blokes, much to the great disappointment of the media who were hoping for violent protests. The English Defense League held a massive march in protest of racism by Islamists on native Brits on Saturday in New Castle.

Note especially the cooperative attitude with police, even EDL officials with bright yellow vests "EDL Steward," to assist the police with crowd control.
Also of note, homosexuals were invited to participate in the EDL march. The gay rainbow flag can be seen twice in the video, once at the 14 second mark, and then a few seconds later.

Muslims have been particular vicious in harassing gays on London streets. The EDL on the other hand, embrace homosexuals within their ranks.

Thanks to the Libertarian Republican.

English Defense League march.

EDL March Against Radical Muslim Extremism

Islamist violence against the West creating new political allies

Just how will the BBC report this one? EDL marchers chant an old punk rock tune, "English til I die," in yesterday's march against Islamist violence against Westerners in New Castle. At the 58 second mark, a Gay rainbow flag comes into view.

Muslims most recently have been attacking gays, leaving pubs and discos in East London, for holding hands, or dressing flamboyantly.

The EDL is an expressly multi-cultural, tolerant organization that embraces anyone who supports Western values, and English patriotism regardless of skin color or sexual identity.

From the Libertarian Republican.

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