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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Senate to import foreigners to compete with Americans for jobs

You are so Screwed!
The GOP and Democrats bow to the Corporate Masters who fund their campaigns and vote to import more foreign workers to compete with Americans for jobs.

Face facts.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans are out to fuck over you and your family.

The new bipartisan immigration bill will both legalize existing illegal immigrants to compete against Americans of all races for jobs, but will also import many new immigrants in both high tech and low wage industries.  Also see our article "Colleges to start selling green cards."

This is a double screwing.  Americans in the both the middle class and low wage industries are being raped by a Congress fully funded by corrupt multi-national corporations looking to impoverish Americans in order to increase profits.

A sweeping bipartisan plan to overhaul the nation's immigration system and add millions of workers to the labor force headed to the Senate floor after a key committee approved it Tuesday, setting the stage for a debate next month that could lead to the biggest victory for advocates of immigrant rights in a generation.

The centerpiece of the legislation — a 13-year path to citizenship for many of the 20 to 30 million people now in the country without legal status — survived intact. But the bill's supporters accepted amendments that tilted it to the right to attract GOP backing, including some to toughen (slightly) border security.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill, 13 to 5, with three Republicans joining the majority Democrats. A last-minute deal persuaded one GOP senator to join the two Republicans who had helped draft the bill.

  • The legislation also would provide for a new low-skilled guest-worker program would begin for maids, landscapers and others who could enter the country for three-year stints reports the Los Angeles Times.  This new program attacks Americans at the lower end of the economy and works to drive down wages even lower in order to pad the profits of business owners.

  • Under the compromise, the number of highly skilled workers admitted to the country would rise from 65,000 annually to 110,000, with the possibility of a further increase to 180,000 a year, depending in part on unemployment levels.  The two parties give no thought to the massive unemployment of college grads and older workers.

An attempt by Senator Ted Cruz  (Constitutional Federalist - Texas) to delete the pathway to citizenship failed on a 13-5 vote.

Senator Charles Grassley (R - Iowa) recalled that he had voted to give "amnesty" to those in the country illegally in 1986, the last time Congress passed major immigration legislation. He said that bill, like the current one, promised to crack down on illegal immigration, but said it had failed to do so.

"No one disputes that this bill is legalization first, enforcement later. And, that's just unacceptable to me and to the American people," he said shortly before the vote.

The AFL-CIO Labor Union President Richard Trumka called these programs importing of foreign labor as "unambiguous attacks" on American workers.

On the final vote, three Republicans — Hatch, Graham and Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. — joined the 10 committee Democrats in supporting the bill.

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