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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Alcohol ban and women only pools in Egypt

Insane Islamist women only pools in Egypt
Crazy ass Muslim fanatics are frightened to death that a
real woman might want show her beauty to the world.

Egyptian tourism managers celebrated the opening of an alcohol-free hotel at the popular beach resort of Hurghada over the weekend, a move they hoped would lure conservative Muslim tourists to a region popular with foreign and local visitors.

Le Roi Hotel is one of the first "dry" hotels to open on Egypt's Red Sea coast, and comes as liberals voice concerns that Islamists who came to power last year were seeking to limit personal freedoms and impose conservative ideology.
Praise God for free women.

Egyptians on Twitter reacted to their country’s opening of the first alcohol-free inn in the Red Sea area of Hurghada, a major tourist hub.

“What is this commotion about a hotel without alcohol in Hurghada, what is worrying them [Islamists] is alcohol only? What happened to [sexual] harassments? Or those who accuse others of being blasphemous for not following their way? You have no other problems?” ‏@noranor posted in Arabic on Twitter.

“A hotel without alcohol? Definitely a silly achievement for the president,” another critical tweep, @ayaabdullah, said on Sunday, referring to Islamist President Mohammed Mursi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood movement reports Al Arabiya.

However, others had a different point of view expressing their confusion over why some dislike the Islamist Egyptian president.

“Why are people fighting Mursi and his regime when alcohol is clearly [rejected],” Twitter user ‏@amorashed2h, who clearly supported the alcohol-free hotel, said.

Others, like ‏@TamerAwad, said: “If Egypt’s Islamist regime wanted to ban alcohol, it would have done so.”

Egypt's opening of first alcohol-free hotel in Hurghada

An Islamic approved day at the hotel pool.

Proud Islamists

Meanwhile, Islamists and Salafists in Egypt have described the opening of the alcohol-free hotel as “historic,” Al-Mesryoon website reported.

A top Sunni cleric in the Red Sea, Sheikh Ahmed Tawofee, was at the hotel opening and reiterated that the inauguration was “historic,” the report said, adding the hotel gives tourists a chance for “good, clean and healthy fun.”

A video posted on YouTube shows hotel managers celebrating the launch by smashing bottles of alcohol and pouring out their contents.

The three-star establishment has 134 rooms and 35 suits. It also allocated the top floor and a swimming pool to women only.

It also provides various services, including treatment for alcohol addiction.

An Egyptian official said in February that the government would no longer issue or renew licenses for the sale of alcohol in new residential settlements on the outskirts of Cairo, Alexandria and other big cities.

(News Daily)

These Islamist bastards badly need to get laid.
So here is a taste of the freedom Western women have, and thank God (not Allah) that free Western men have the freedom to watch.

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