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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Democrats now target gun makers

Democrats are idiots . . . But I repeat myself.
The moronic California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer (D) wants to target private firms that in a free country dare to invest in companies that manufacture guns.

Commie Whore Democrats use government and union pension funds they control to attack gun manufacturers
  • Democrats threaten to sell the stock they hold of gun makers.
  • But being idiots, Democrats fail to understand that the stock they sold would only be held by a new owner.  Nothing really changes, but liberals "feel" better, and feeling better is what liberalism is all about.

Only hours after the shooting at a Connecticut elementary school the Socialist Democrats were in an all out attack on gun manufacturers.

One of those targets is Cerberus, the private equity firm that owns a collection of gun manufacturers called the Freedom Group. One of those manufacturers, Bushmaster, made the rifle that police say was used in the Connecticut killings.

Visitor of prostitutes, former Democrat New York Governor Eliot Spitzer said that investors should push the company to accept stricter gun control standards.

Democrat California Treasurer Bill Lockyer also wants state pension funds to divest from companies producing guns that can't be legally sold in the state, and he directed staff to begin to reviewing investments.

The request,  comes after revelations that the state labor union teachers pension fund has a stake in Cerberus.

That investment is already being reviewed by pension officials.

(Los Angeles Times)

Gun Maker Caves to Commies

Breaking News  -  Under pressure from scumbag Democrats, an investment firm announced Tuesday it was selling off its stake in a major U.S. gun manufacturer after one of the gunmaker’s semi-automatic rifles was reportedly used in the mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut.

Cautioning that the firm wasn’t trying to influence the gun control policy debate, Cerberus Capital Management said in five-paragraph statement that it would sell the Freedom Group, which among other guns makes the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, a semiautomatic gun reports the Washington Times.

Adam Lanza reportedly used the gun when he attacked students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday, killing 26 people — all but six of them children.

“It is not our role to take positions or attempt to shape or influence the gun control policy debate,” the firm said in a statement released Tuesday morning.

“There are, however, actions we as a firm can take. Accordingly, we have determined to immediately engage in a formal process to sell our interests in Freedom Group.”

The firm’s statement didn’t say so, but Cerberus was likely to come under increasing scrutiny for its ties to the gun maker.

The California State Teachers’ Union Retirement System had told Reuters on Monday that the nation’s second-largest pension fund was reviewing its investments in Cerberus in the wake of the school shooting.

Jesse Ventura Defends The 2nd Amendment
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura defends the Bill of Rights after the school shooting in Connecticut.  Meanwhile most Republican politicians are hiding under their desks quivering in fear to say jack about shit.

"I speak my mind. If it offends some people, well, there's not much I can do about that. But I'm going to be honest. I'm going to continue to speak my mind, and that's who I am."
Governor Jesse Ventura
Independence Party of Minnesota
Navy Seal, professional wrestler, actor, best selling author, Mayor and Governor.
What I admire about Jesse is he has no fear.  Most politicians live in fear that they might lose their precious elected office and be forced to return to a pitiful anonymous life.  Jesse was an international star before going into politics.  Going back to that life after leaving politics did not bother him in the slightest.  So he freely speaks his mind.


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