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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Top 2012 Movies

The #1 Film of 2012.
The Avengers grossed over $1.5 Billion in ticket sales worldwide.

The Avengers top the 2012 movie box office
  • Movies, once a truly "American" art form and business, has become international.

By Gary;

The American movie is rapidly vanishing.  It has morphed into international productions that are staffed and financed by people from every corner of the earth.  It is "Hollywood" in name only.

Movie ticket buyers are increasingly overseas and films are being geared to foreign audiences and even movie premiers are taking place first in foreign nations before even coming to the US.

Here are some sample movies with the percentage of the total box office in foreign countries.

  • 59% of the Avengers sales came from overseas
  • 59%   -   The Dark Knight Rises
  • 71%   -   Skyfall
  • 65%   -   The Twilight Saga
  • 65%   -   The Amazing Spider-Man
  • 71%   -   Men in Black 3
  • 69%   -   Prometheus

The next time the media tells you a movie is not a "hit", remember that the target audience today is often in other nations.  The US market is now only one of many markets.

The Dark Knight Rises

Nothing is more American than Batman.  But the current Batman film is populated with people born in other nations showing the international flavor of the current movie business.
  • Director  -  Born in the United Kingdom
  • Producer  -  Born in the United Kingdom
  • Actors  -  Of the six top billed main actors, four were born in the United Kingdom, one in France, and one in the USA.
  • Screenplay  -  Born in the United Kingdom
  • Music  -  Born in Germany
  • Film Editor  -  Born in Australia

Here are the top 25 films for 2012 with the gross sales in the American market.

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RankMovie Title (click to view)Studio

Total Gross / TheatersOpening / TheatersOpenClose
1Marvel's The AvengersBV$623,357,9104,349$207,438,7084,3495/410/4
2The Dark Knight RisesWB$448,139,0994,404$160,887,2954,4047/2012/13
3The Hunger GamesLGF$408,010,6924,137$152,535,7474,1373/239/6
5The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2Sum.$286,433,0004,070$141,067,6344,07011/16-
6The Amazing Spider-ManSony$262,030,6634,318$62,004,6884,3187/310/14
8The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWB$228,693,0004,100$84,617,3034,04512/14-
10Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WantedP/DW$216,391,4824,263$60,316,7384,2586/810/18


The Biggest Bond Movie Ever.
Over One Billion in sales worldwide. 
Only $280,000,000 was inside the United States.

The Dark Knight Rises - Official Trailer
Nearly $1.1 Billion in worldwide sales.

We were ready for another Spider-Man
Over $752,000,000 in worldwide sales. 
$262,000,000 inside the US.
11Dr. Seuss' The LoraxUni.$214,030,5003,769$70,217,0703,7293/27/26
12MIB 3Sony$179,020,8544,248$54,592,7794,2485/259/9
13Wreck-It RalphBV$175,505,3323,752$49,038,7123,75211/2-
14Ice Age: Continental DriftFox$161,130,0563,886$46,629,2593,8817/13-
15Snow White and the HuntsmanUni.$155,136,7553,777$56,217,7003,7736/19/6
16Hotel TransylvaniaSony$143,923,8203,375$42,522,1943,3499/28-
17Taken 2Fox$138,897,4943,706$49,514,7693,66110/5-
1821 Jump StreetSony$138,447,6673,148$36,302,6123,1213/167/1
21Safe HouseUni.$126,181,6303,121$40,172,7203,1192/105/17
22The VowSGem$125,014,0303,038$41,202,4582,9582/105/17
23Magic MikeWB$113,721,5713,120$39,127,1702,9306/299/27
24The Bourne LegacyUni.$113,203,8703,753$38,142,8253,7458/1011/8

Yes There are Flaws.
But the public can't get enough of Middle Earth with $693,000,000
in worldwide sales so far.

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