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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Marxist War on the United States

The Red Revolution is Here.
Democrats marching to their National Convention this year.

By Gary;

The Red Revolution is here whether you like it or not.

The Red Brigades of Comrade Obama have come for your money, your businesses, your freedom and to steal your private property in order to re-distribute the wealth.

And the damn pussy Republican Party in Washington is hiding under their desks frightened to death to say anything about anything to defend our way of life.  Only Republican Parties at the state level have any guts to act.

The Communist Confiscation of Private Property
  • We are in the middle of a Communist Revolution where Democrats officially now want to steal 55% of your private property and re-distribute it to those with "needs".
  • The GOP sits around with the thumps up their asses frightened to fight back to protect the Constitution, freedom and private property. 
  • Often "thoughtful" Republicans join the Socialists to prove how open minded they are.

New legislation jumps the Marxist death tax to 55 percent of estates exceeding $1 million threatens 526,421 family farms, or about 25 percent of all farms in America, according to a Senate analysis.

It is the plan of Comrade Obama and Socialist Senate Democrats not to act and have the federal government begin taking more than half the value of family farms exceeding $1 million beginning next year.

This summer, Socialist Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Senate Democrat Fellow Travelers passed legislation (S.3412) on a party-line vote that allows the Marxists in Washington to take 55% of the private property of American citizens at death.  

This is a huge increase over today's top rate of 35 percent, and drop the tax's exemption from $5.1 million to $1 million. The lower exemption -- combined with soaring farm real estate values -- could put more than 420,000 additional farm estates at risk from the death tax.

Farm values are largely tied up in non-liquid assets like land, buildings, and livestock. Many farm and ranch families would be forced to sell their assets to satisfy Washington Democrats' insatiable appetite for tax money.

Up to 24 percent of America's farm and ranch families could be forced to hand over a large chunk of their heritage to the Internal Revenue Service when a family member dies. This would economically devastate rural communities.   (Washington Examiner)

The Marxist Death Tax
The Stealing of Private Property
Kicking in at the 2 minute mark on the video - A family that has been ranching for a century, tells their personal death tax story and why this tax needs to be repealed so small businesses like theirs can continue.

A 55% "Death Tax" is simply the Communist confiscation of private property.


Union Thugs attack reporter
  • This is war!  No longer is it about worker contracts with employers.
  • The now Marxist Unions have fully purchased the Democrat Party and are using it to steal the private property and incomes of those not in their unions in order to re-distribute the wealth to those with "needs".

Fox News journalist Steven Crowder was attacked on Tuesday as he attempted to interview union members outside the capitol building in Lansing, Michigan.

In the video, a middle age man punches Crowder several times. A few moments later, another man grabs the reporter from behind.


The incident reveals the level of animosity some union members have for the so-called “conservative” media that has carried less than sympathetic coverage of the union’s plight.

A mob of union members also destroyed a tent pitched by Americans for Prosperity, a group advocating right-to-work laws. The mob brought down the tent with knives and “danced” on it with people inside scrambling to get out.

The union members had gathered to protest against a bill banning workplace rules that make union membership a condition of employment for government workers.

The bill passed by a 58-51 vote in Michigan’s Republican-led House on Tuesday.   (Infowars News)

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