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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Conservatives are in a free fall

Socialist Victory
The UK Conservative Party has lost special election after special election
to fill vacant seats to Parliament.

UK Conservative Party slaughtered in by-elections
  • Conservative Party comes in 5th place.
  • Coalition partners the Liberal Democrats come in 8th place.
  • The Conservative-Libertarian UKIP is building public support in a Britain that increasingly embraces cradle-to-grave welfare state Socialism.

Labour has held onto Rotherham in a parliamentary by-election which saw a surge towards the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and disastrous results for both coalition parties.

The Conservatives finished fifth behind not only UKIP but also the British National Party and Respect, while Tory candidate Simon Wilson only held onto his deposit by a whisker.

Liberal Democrat Michael Beckett came eighth and lost his deposit, trailing behind the English Democrats and an independent reports the UK Independent.

The Liberal Democrats were knocked sideways by coming eighth with a derisory 451 votes, their only consolation the prospect that their plunge from grace – they were second in 2010 with 5,994 votes – might be shared come the next general election by Thursday night's runners-up, Ukip.

But the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, whose grin at the count was the broadest of the evening, said: "We have a strong local party which has done well at local elections. We're building here, and in Middlesbrough where we took second place as well, and showing that we're not just a protest collection of Tories from the shires."

The third-placed BNP's celebrations were relatively muted, with the party mired in internal complications and no sign of its leader, Nick Griffin, attending to take advantage of the many cameras.

Nigel Farage on by-election results: 'UKIP is on the rise'
UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said his party is "connecting more and more with people" after it came second in the Rotherham by-election.

Labour won the by-election. The result was poor for the two parties of the governing coalition with the Conservatives dropping to fifth place, while the Liberal Democrats were in eighth place, the worst ever position of a major party in a by-election.

UKIP finished in second place. Their candidate Jane Collins had previously been the only UKIP candidate to come second in any UK parliamentary election at Barnsley Central in 2011. UKIP also came second in the Middlesbrough by-election held on the same day as Rotherham. The UKIP vote share was, at 21.7%, the highest ever recorded for that party in any parliamentary election (however they had polled more votes in both the Corby by-election and in Buckingham at the 2010 General Election).

The British National Party's third place was the highest ever placing for that party in a by-election, although they had polled more votes and a higher share elsewhere. Additionally the BNP result represented a decline in their vote from the 2010 General Election, in what had been one of their strongest performances that year.
Rotherham by-election, 29 November 2012
LabourSarah Champion9,96646.46+1.83
UKIPJane Collins4,64821.67+15.75
BNPMarlene Guest1,8048.41-2.00
RespectYvonne Ridley1,7788.29N/A
ConservativeSimon Wilson1,1575.39-11.35
English DemocratsDavid Wildgoose7033.28N/A
IndependentSimon Copley5822.71-3.60
Liberal DemocratMichael Beckett4512.10-13.88
Trade Unionist & SocialistRalph Dyson2811.31N/A
IndependentPaul Dickson510.24N/A
no descriptionClint Bristow290.14N/A
Labour hold

Special advisory to American readers.
Do not be alarmed. This is called a free election with many real political parties on the ballot. Free elections are something the United Stated used to have. Don't worry, this moment of confusion will pass and you will return to the modern undemocratic US system of only two choices on election day.

Ukip candidate Jane Collins campaigning in the Rotherham byelection.

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