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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

California - Free Cell Phones for Homeless

A Karl Marx Wet Dream - Free taxpayer paid for crap for everyone
  • Assurance Wireless' Lifeline taxpayer funded plan will provide 250 "free" minutes of talk time and 250 "free" text messages per month to the poor and homeless.
  • A bi-partisan Federally funded program - funded by a Democrat US Senate and a GOP House. 

From each accord to his ability, to each according to his need for wireless services. . . . "free" phones for the so-called disadvantaged paid for by those who work for a living.

Now we have some sick Socialist wet dream come true. The homeless and other poor people in the People's Republic of California are on track to get virtually free cell phones so they can keep in touch with family and others "crucial" to improving their lives.

The cell phones would be handed out through a Federally funded Lifeline program - already operated by service provider Assurance Wireless in 36 other states - that is likely to win final approval in the next couple of weeks from the California Public Utilities Commission reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

State PUC officials have been reviewing the Lifeline proposal from Assurance Wireless for three years. Word came that all but a minor detail had been approved, ending years of effort by advocates for homeless people.

"This is great - it is transformative for homeless and low-income people," said Bevan Dufty, San Francisco's head of homeless initiatives, who has been one of the program's most ardent advocates. "I expect San Francisco to be in the forefront and a model city for this program.

Dufty said if the program launches as expected, it would greatly help an initiative he is trying to start that would let the homeless call a 311 number to find out where and when a shelter bed is available. This would reduce staff work and save the homeless hours of waiting in line and walking miles between booking offices.

"This cell phone program is an exciting change for homeless people and for the state of California," said Jennifer Friedenbach, who as head of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness also urged approval.

The state's decades-old Lifeline program pays for all but a few dollars of the monthly phone bill for poor people, generally meaning those whose annual income is below $14,702.

(San Francisco Chrolicle)

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