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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Walking Dead keeps racking up the ratings

The Walking Dead  -  The #5 scripted show in the US
  • NBC continues its free fall with only one scripted program in the top 50 shows.
  • Just one request to AMC:  Stop having my favorite Walking Dead characters eaten.  Come on.  I like (fill in the blank) character and now he is dinner for zombies.  One thing for sure, it makes the actors think twice before asking for a raise.

By Gary;

I never really liked zombie films.  They were not my thing.  Give me a good old vampire flick any day of the week.  But the Walking Dead has me riveted to the screen like no other TV show in years.

The Nielsen Ratings that came out a few days ago showed AMC's series "The Walking Dead" continuing to clean up in the ratings.

The Dead racked up 10.4 million viewers leaving almost all programs from the so-called "major" networks buried deep in the graveyard where they belong.

In overall ratings the Dead came in as the #17 program.  But that is misleading.  You need to take out the football games and a few singing and dancing shows.  These are one-shot programs have zero life in reruns, and the big money is in reruns.  Just ask the owners of I Love Lucy or Law & Order.

With the one-shot programs removed, The Walking Dead comes in as the #5 scripted show in the nation.  Scripted programs one to four are CSI/NCIS programs.  Been there way too many times.  Watched that way too many times.  Time to move on.

Keep those zombies coming AMC.

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