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Monday, December 3, 2012

NHS Patients experience 'contempt and cruelty'

Once Socialists take over the medical industry they demand ever more money to
feed the system of unionized government workers.

The British National Health Service patients experience 'contempt and cruelty'
  • And Comrade Obama's Democrat lackeys have brought British Socialized medicine to America.

British socialized medicine has seen “a kind of normalisation of cruelty”, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told an audience of health professionals at The King’s Fund, a London-based think-tank.

Managers were so “buried in spreadsheets” that they had become “blind” to the fact that patients were not being treated with dignity or respect, he said to the UK Telegraph.

Poor care had become “perhaps the biggest problem of all facing the NHS”, Mr Hunt claimed in his strongest speech yet on the NHS, almost three months into his tenure as Health Secretary.  Here are a few of his major points: 

  • Just look at what has come to light in the last few years: patients left to lie in their own excrement in Stafford Hospital, with members of the public taking soiled sheets home to wash because they didn’t believe the hospital would do it.
  • The residents kicked punched, humiliated, dragged by their hair and forced through cold showers at Winterbourne View.
  • The elderly woman with dementia repeatedly punched and slapped at Ash Court Care Home.
  • The cancer patient at St George’s, Tooting, who lost a third of his body fluid, desperately ringing the police for help, because staff didn't listen or check his medical records.
  • Up to 1,200 patients have died over several years at Mid Staffordshire hospitals due to shocking care, which saw some resorting to drinking water from flower vases.

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