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Monday, December 10, 2012

Millions of new immigrants pour in to take your job

Unemployed?  -  The politicians don't give a crap.  They just keep importing new workers into Britain.
  • And into the United States too.
  • After all, you would have to be some kind of racist to dare oppose millions of new workers being imported into the country to compete with you for jobs.

The liar political hacks that run both the United Kingdom and the US actually hate their own countries and cultures.

British and American politicians fall all over themselves pretending to be "politically correct" and to import millions and millions of new workers to directly compete with the native bore for the limited number of jobs out there in a bad economy.

A new report says immigrants will be pouring into a Britain already suffering with high unemployment.  Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia and Estonia all joined the EU in 2004 – giving them unrestricted access to the UK’s labour market.

Since then, the number of immigrants from these nations, which have 73 million people between them, has rocketed from just 94,000 to 1,079,000.

Romanians and Bulgarians will also get free access to the UK jobs market from the end of next year when temporary restrictions are lifted reports the UK Daily Mail.

Tory MP Philip Hollobone said that – if the experience with the nations was anything to go by – the number of Romanians and Bulgarians living here will treble to 425,000.

‘If we apply that same rate to the entry of Romania, with 21 million people, and Bulgaria, with 7 million, the 155,000 presently resident in the UK would climb to some 425,000,’ he said.

‘What we are going to see is swathes of our countryside built over to accommodate the millions of new arrivals from the European Union, over which we seemingly have little control.’

A string of Tory MPs attacked the Home Office for refusing to estimate how many Romanians and Bulgarians will move to Britain.

The ‘transitional controls’ in place now include limits on the number of people who can fill low-paid jobs.

From the end of next year, EU rules state these controls must be lifted.

Muslims in London

Mass Immigration to the United Kingdom.

Hollobone said: ‘It’s a disgrace the Government won’t estimate the number of immigrants it expects from Bulgaria and Romania.

'It’s bad enough to open our borders to all and sundry, but it adds insult to injury to then not even give the British people an estimate of how many incomers we can expect.’

Home Office officials are acutely aware of the mistakes made by the department prior to the A8 countries joining in 2004. Then, they predicted 13,000 arrivals every year.

Immigration minister Mark Harper yesterday said making predictions was ‘a very difficult exercise’ influenced by a range of factors.

(UK Daily Mail)

The same old Bullshit
If you believe that your nation and culture have the right to exist then you are a racist.

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