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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unions riot after Spain cuts subsidies

Spanish Unions riot when subsidies are cut.
Blockade: Miners stand behind a burning barricade of tyres outside Vega del Rey, Spain

Spanish Socialism  -  24% unemployment, banks failing and a near dead economy
  • Now labor unions riot when Big Government subsidies to their industry are cut.
  • Coming soon to an American city near you as people are dragged by force away from suckling on the government teat.

Striking Spanish coal miners set up burning barricades and fought running battles with riot police as they protest austerity cuts to coal subsidies.

In violent scenes, the masked protesters lit barricades of burning tyres and launched home-made rockets at groups of police bringing traffic to a halt along key roads in the north of the country.

Riot police retaliated with tear gas grenades and baton charges as they desperately tried to bring the situation under control. Around 8,000 mineworkers from over 40 coal mines in northern Spain are staging a nationwide strike organised by unions bitterly opposed to reductions in coal subsidies from €300 million to €110 million.
Spain's economy is crisis having contracted for the second time since late 2009. Four years of stagnation and recession have pushed unemployment to above 24 per cent, the highest rate in the European Union.

Today Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Spain will stick to harsh austerity measures until it emerges from financial crisis, promising that the country would survive the present economic turmoil.'    (UK Daily Mail)

Blaze: Riot police stand on a bridge over a highway blocked with burning barricades. Around 8,000 mineworkers at over 40 coal mines in northern Spain are protesting against government cuts.

Spanish miners fire homemade rockets up a hill towards riot policemen during a miner's demonstration in Vega del Rey

Stand-off: Miners stand behind burning barricades in a separate protest along a road near the port city of Santander

Retreat: Miners clutch home made shields as they flee a cloud of tear gas during violent confrontations with police

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