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Thursday, June 28, 2012

HITLER: "Stick this up your Axis"

This novelty Hitler pin cushion was sold in the
U.S. during the 1940s for 69 cents.

You know it would not be a day on the Internet without a Hitler story of some kind.  Enjoy.
As the Nazi war machine tore through Europe, there was still one way Americans could give Hitler the needle back home... thanks to a novelty pin cushion.

With his hands between his knees and bent forward, this 4.5in high figurine from the early 1940s saw the Fuhrer's buttocks covered in a brown tufted fabric - a perfect place to 'stick it' to his Axis of Evil.

And President Roosevelt is said to have found it so funny that he had one on his desk, according to Johnson Smith & Co's Mammoth Catalog Of 5,000 Novelties.

The novelty mail order company's blurb reads: 'It's a safe place to store pins and needles... and will probably be the only useful thing Adolf Shickelgruber [his father's original surname] did.'

During the war, they could be bought for 69 cents, from Johnson & Co - or $1.49 from the Stick A Pin In Hitler Club - but some are now worth hundreds of dollars.
     (UK Daily Mail)

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