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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Republicans lose Wisconsin State Senate

Democrats cannot stop suckling the public teat.
Greedy voters love the flow of "free" tax money from the public teat and can't make up their minds.  They did not want to recall the Governor of Wisconsin, but at the same time they voted to put Democrats back in power in the State Senate.

Socialist Democrats Win  -  Demos pick off GOP State Senators one by one in recalls to retake control.
  • Non-Marxists have their work cut out for them.  The public is totally addicted to re-distributing the wealth from those who produce to the teat sucklers of society.

The 2012 election is far from over.  Almost half of American society will vote for any red flag waving Marxist who promises them free stuff paid for by some other guy.  While Republicans are doing a victory dance in the Governor's recall the Democrats appear to have retaken the State Senate from the GOP.
Unofficial returns from Tuesday's election in the 21st Senate District showed Democratic challenger John Lehman leading incumbent Republican Sen. Van Wanggaard by less than 800 votes with all precincts reporting. Democrats needed Lehman to win to gain a one-seat majority in the Senate and save at least some face after Republicans easily turned back five other recall bids reports Real Clear Politics.
Lehman, who held the seat until Wanggaard defeated him in 2010, was quick to declare the grudge match a victory. Democratic Senate Leader Mark Miller, meanwhile, issued a statement declaring himself the new majority leader.

"We have won, yeah," Lehman said Wednesday. "We're happy to have prevailed."

Democrats and their allies ousted two GOP senators in recall elections last summer. Over the winter they gathered more than enough signatures from the public to force Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and four more GOP senators, including Wanggaard, into Tuesday's recalls.
One of the four senators, Pam Galloway of Wausau, quit her post ahead of the elections rather than campaign. Her resignation left the Senate divided evenly between Republicans and Democrats, 16-16, and gave Democrats hope of taking the chamber back. All three incumbents had to hold their seats and a Republican had to win Galloway's open seat to give Republicans the majority; Democrats, on the other handed, needed to win just one seat.   (Real Clear Politics)

Vote Democrat and you too can get tons of FREE govenment shit paid for by people who work for a living.


Todd Merrick Novak (aka beanlynch) said...

Liberals and Democrats (not always the same thing), also work for a living. And there are conservatives who also receive the benefits of government services, whether it be unemployment insurance, road maintenance, or something else. But more importantly, the liberals who work for a living also pay taxes and, since plenty of taxes go towards programs that represent conservative concerns and values, that you can feel comfortable knowing that your share is going toward your values. A much much smaller portion goes towards social services, much smaller than the percentage that liberals pay taxes. So I don't really accept the paradigm that you are framing your arguments by. We share a country that we both pay for. While an election might tip the focus on those funds towards one sides values over the others, if you tax everyone and half the populace's share is on going towards services that don't represent their values, then those people's teats, as you say, are being sucked on by a government that refuses to represent them.

The turning of the Wisconsin State Senate on Tuesday returns a balance of power to the state government. The Conservatives still has the Assembly, the Governor, and the State Supreme Court. They just have to make some compromises now and aren't going to be able to push the most divisive of their policies. Division of power is just good government. It's a libertarian philosophy and it represents moderate interests.

Gary said...

Thanks for the post. You have well thought out positions.

If you follow The Federalist blog at all you will know that I piss all over the Socialist teat suckers in the GOP. Both parties have raped the nation to feed their corrupt supporters.

But as to Democrats, 50% of the party is controlled by government employee labor unions who want to suck every last dime out of the treasury. The other 50% are Wall Street scum looking for government handouts, bailouts and special deals.

The special interests that fund Republicans are not much better.

The ONLY good quality in the Republican Party is they sometimes hold the line on taxes. Sometimes.

Modern Democrats left unchecked are red flag waving Marxists that no amount of tax money will ever satisify.

Gary said...

Todd, I see you are a cartoonist. I have the first 80 issues of the X-Men that I bought as a kid. At least we can agree on comics.