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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Islamists riot in Tunisia

Riots by Tunisian Islamists entered a second day.

Islamist Insanity  -  Crazy religious zealots riot because paintings are displayed at an art gallery.

Tunisia's leaders on Wednesday condemned extremists after days of riots by radical Islamists left one man dead, injured 62 security personnel and led to more than 160 arrests.
Ultraconservative Islamists known as Salafis attacked an art gallery Sunday in a Tunis suburb for an exhibition they said insulted Islam. After security forces dispersed them with tear gas, gangs attacked police stations around the country over the next few days.
Clashes between secular groups and religious hardliners have been on the rise in recent months, but this week's violence is unprecedented and comes just two days after the terror group al-Qaida urged Tunisians to rise up against the governing moderate Islamist party Ennahda.

According to state media, four artworks were defaced on Sunday at the controversial exhibition, which opened this month and featured work that highlighted sensitive issues, including Islamist influence in Tunisia and the role of women in society.
Those arrested will be charged under the 2003 anti-terror law, ministry official Mohamed Fadhel Saihi told reporters.
Salafists denied involvement in the rampage that injured 65 policemen and called for a protest after this week's Friday prayers.
Liberal and conservative attitudes have jostled for cultural and political dominance, with one television station fined heavily last month for screening the film Persepolis, which was found to be blasphemous because it depicts God.      (The National)

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