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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beating the War Drum for the Middle East

Comrade Obama dealing death to nations all over the world.

War and Death  -  Why do the bi-partisan political hack Beltway Elites want us to bomb the Hell out of nations like Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and now Syria?
  • There is never a Constitutional Declaration of War.
  • The President has now become an Imperial judge, jury and Executioner-in-Chief.
  • Why the rush by Western powers to push out Syria's secular Baath Party that protects Christians and other minority groups?

By Gary;

The Americans are beating the Drums of War for yet another nation.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton insisted yesterday that Syria’s dictator has got to go — as the United Nations said its unarmed peace monitors were fired upon.
Bashar al-Assad “must transfer power and depart Syria,” Clinton said in Istanbul, Turkey, after a late-night strategy session with Arab and Western powers.
“Assad has doubled down on his brutality and duplicity, and Syria will not, cannot be peaceful, stable or certainly democratic until Assad goes,” Clinton said.

BULLSHIT  ALERT  -  One just has to love the pure 100% Bullshit on parade.  The U.S. and other Western nations pretend to be "shocked" that there is violence in the Syrian civil war. (Gee, violence never happens in war does it?????)  It is all a sham to keep the people watching TV happy.

Let's face historical facts.  If you lined up the corpses of freedom fighters against the British, French, Belgian, Spanish, Italian and German Empires they just might stretch around the earth a couple of times.  The Western powers have been more than happy to slaughter any number of peoples so that "law and order" would be maintained.
Naturally it is their law and their order.

American Guerrilla Warfare   -   "Ride with the Devil"

American Civil War   -   American political hacks should know better considering our history.  Americans have fought two bloody and nasty Civil Wars.  One for freedom from the British Empire and another to save the Union.  Americans have had no problem at all shooting down thousands of their countrymen and burning farms and cities in Civil Wars. 
Throw in the thousands of American Indians killed to maintain internal law and order and we really look like hypocrites for condemning other nations for doing what we ourselves have done.
So here we have American politicians pretending to care that a war is going on somewhere in the world and that people die.  These same concerned politicians could have cared less when people were butchered in the Sudan or Rawanda, but now Syria becomes special.  There is an agenda where the Elites want to get involved in Syria.
To bottom line it, our politicians love to kill people all over the world. 
Hacks from both political parties eagerly urge any President to send out waves of death and destruction to anyone who might oppose American interests.  The hacks say to ignore the Constitution.  Having a Congressional vote to declare war is so old fashioned.  Those Founding Fathers were not as smart as the Beltway Elite.
And the un-Constitutional killing goes on and on.

The burning of Atlanta, Georgia by General Sherman.
Wars and Civil Wars through history are not pretty.  People on all sides fight and die for what they believe.  The Obama regime condemning only one side in Syria is pure 100% typical political bullshit.

Atlanta, Georgia when Union troops got done with it.

A Nest of Rebels and Traitors.
Richmond, Virginia. View of the burned district and the Capitol across the Canal Basin.

Civil War Justice.
As the capital of rebels and traitors Union troops laid siege to Petersburg and Richmond. Here is what is left of the Richmond & Petersburg Railroad depot.

Ruins of the Gallego Mills, Richmond, Virginia.
Confederate defenders abandoned Richmond and fled south on the last open railroad line, the Richmond and Danville. The retreating soldiers were under orders to set fire to bridges, the armory, and warehouses with supplies as they left. The fire in the largely abandoned city spread out of control, and large parts of Richmond were destroyed, reaching to the very edge of Capitol Square mostly unchecked. The conflagration was not completely extinguished until the mayor and other civilians went to the Union lines east of Richmond on New Market Road (now State Route 5) and surrendered the city the next day. Union troops put out the raging fires in the city.

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