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Monday, June 11, 2012

Muslims attack two Churches during services

Muslims attack two more churches.
The church in Jos was severely damaged in the suicide bombing

Islamist Murderers  -  Attacks on two more churches during services
  • As usual the Muslim world is silent as butchers kill people while they worship.

Muslim Boko Haram militants have just attacked two more churches during Sunday services, triggering deadly reprisal attacks.
In the central city of Jos, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a church, wounding at least 50 people.
In a separate attack, gunmen opened fire during a service in Biu in northeastern Borno state, leaving at least one person dead.

Six people were then killed in Jos in reprisals when angry demonstrators took to the streets in protest.
Radical Islamist sect Boko Haram said it carried out the attacks. The group has carried out a number of attacks on churches in recent years, killing hundreds of people.
One witness at the church in Biu, Hamidu Wakawa, said that "gunmen came to the premises of the church and started firing at people outside the church before going into the main building to carry on their killings", Reuters reported.

Officials said one woman had been killed and at least three wounded.
Moments after the bombing, Christian youths set up roadblocks and had to be dispersed by police, according to one witness.
"Angry youths have gone wild, even attempting to prevent the security personnel from getting to the scene of the incident. They had to force their way out by shooting in the air to disperse them," Emmanuel Davou was quoted as saying.      (BBC News)

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Anonymous said...

Of course Muslims are murdering Christians. After all their founder and his immediate followers gave all those they subjagated a choice: either convert to Islam, or die by the sword. On the other hand Jesus came to die for his followers that by Him they may have eternal life. What a contrast! Muhammed murders and rapes. Jesus heals, does good and dies for all who will believe in Him.